Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweep Series Vol 1 by Cate Tiernan

Volume 1 of Sweeps is HUGE - almost wanted to get a Kindle cause I couldn't hold it up half the time lol. But I couldn't put it down. Morgan goes from a normal teen going to school having a close family to being a bloodwitch and loosing her best friend. Yeah she gained more friends with her coven, she has a cool boyfriend, shes getting closer to her sister but she's really still missing something - her biological mom and dads information. She slowly learns about herself and her witch family but she also learns about Cal's witch family and that is even more shocking. I loved it :)

Not a teen book - the first chapters or two talk about swimming naked - sexual tension.

Book of Shadows

Morgan thinks witchcraft is laughable when her best friend Bree drags her to a meeting of the Cirrus Coven. But during a cermony led by Cal, Morgan's long-time crush, Morgan feels a shock. Suddenly everything looks brighter, clearer. Morgan doesn't want to get involved with witchcraft-but she feels like witchcraft is choosing her.

The Coven

Cal, now Morgan's boyfriend, helps her accept the truth: Wicca is in Morgan's blood. As Morgan learns more about Wicca, she realizes that she needs to find out more about her parentage. The answers are there, but she doesn't know how to find them.

Blood Witch

This is the third book in a groundbreaking and suspenseful new series for teens. Sixteen-year-old Morgan has never heard of Wicca-modern witchcraft - until she meets Cal. Then everything changes - almost overnight.

Morgan knows that witchcraft can be dangerous and that her birth parents died because of their involvement. But witchcraft is a part of Morgan in a way she can't ignore, and now that she's practicing Wicca, her powers are increasing. Her boyfriend Cal is a witch, too. He believes that they are muirn beatha dans, witches who are meant to be together, to love one another. But the sudden appearance of Hunter, a stranger who claims to be Cal's brother, threatens to ruin everything. Hunter says that Cal is practicing dark magic. And Morgan feels unsure. Could it be true?


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