Sunday, September 5, 2010

Linger (Wolves of Mercy Fall trilogy)

I just got done reading Linger... It takes a turn in the book I wasn't expecting, a couple of them. Sams human now, no long changing to a wolf. Grace - comes to a head with her parents, her love with Sam grows - her body starts changing and in the end something major occurs. Kind of odd how she 'knows' whats happening to her body even though she doesn't want to admit it, and its not what your thinking! There's more wolves, Cole and Victor are two of them - both tormented, Cole more so - you learn about his lives and why he CHOSE to be a wolf. The book ends on a cliffhanger - now I'm dying for the next book... sometimes I like cliffhangers, sometimes I like a smooth endings. Fantastically written!

In Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver, Grace and Sam found each other. Now, in Linger, they must fight to be together. For Grace, this means defying her parents and keeping a very dangerous secret about her own well-being. For Sam, this means grappling with his werewolf past…and figuring out a way to survive into the future. Add into the mix a new wolf named Cole, whose own past has the potential to destroy the whole pack. And Isabel, who already lost her brother to the wolves…and is nonetheless drawn to Cole. At turns harrowing and euphoric, Linger is a spellbinding love story that explores both sides of love–the light and the dark, the warm and the cold–in a way you will never forget.


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