Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hexbug Nano LIVE

Here's a professional video before you see ours lol

The kids had a ball setting this up - they used everything possible (they followed the largest design on the box) and then did whatever when adding the bridge extension. 4 nanos and ohhh boy did they rock n roll

This is our one minute kid free video - too many bodies and hands to really see it otherwise lol - we start at the bridge battle - then the entire set up - its huge!! - then close ups of the little buggers running wild.

I do not see any issues than loosing track of them in the house LOL

Easy set up - so easy to snap together and they really really held together - I was able to pick it up and place it on the table with no issues of it falling apart.

The walls are high enough that the nanos can't get out - we placed the bridge over the two big octagons so if they fell off they fell into the design below (great thinking Moms!!)

LOVE the off switch on the bottom!!

My camera died but I'm hoping we can get a picture up with the kids :)

I give this 2 thumbs up - I know alot of moms don't like the thought of 'bugs' but even the shy ones got a kick out of the little buggers :)


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