Friday, June 11, 2010

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Maybe this wasn't the best time to try and read it, but I did manage my way through it. When your sick (this sick) and tired your mind starts to wander while your reading lol. Not good with this book - it REALLY makes your mind wander. The book starts out with Sunshine... normal girl, dead father, a mom, step father, half brothers, works the bakery in her step fathers coffeehouse... normal. Then it takes off into another dimensions, of twists - your reading like your in her head. Her thoughts, ideas all of your reading in between conversations, actions... its an odd thing to do lol. But it gets good - you learn she's not normal, she not living in 'our' world as you would say - its a world like ours with different names, 'Others' Vampires Werewolves and more. The author doesn't go into detail about it at first - she slowly weaves it into the book and you realize what they are talking about. I would say it left me wanting more. I would want a series - to find out about the loose strings left hanging in the breeze.

I would say its an adult book - it does have a 'sexual' scene in it and talks bluntly about it - but its quick and over in seconds. If you can handle being in another persons head and hearing all the thoughts while reading about what's happening - you can handle this book.

Author Notes:

Rae, nicknamed Sunshine by her stepfather, is the baker at her family’s coffeehouse. She’s happy getting up at 4 am to make cinnamon rolls for the breakfast rush, and dealing with people and food all day. But one evening she needed somewhere she could be alone for a little while, and there hadn’t been any trouble out at the lake for years.
She never thought of vampires.
Until they found her.


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