Monday, June 14, 2010

Kung Zhu Pets Have Arrived!

(enlarge the picture to see it all)

Ok I had to stop laughing before I could write this. These things were the most hilarious I've seen them. YES they come with all the 'hair ' warnings on the animals - the backside, underneath... you can't miss them! Just like we teach the kids not to put gum in their hair we can teach them how to properly use a toy :)

Now I'll show you each one that we received and even the finale of putting it all together but first I had to show you the one thing that made me almost pee my pants laughing.

It's the simplest of things that amuse us :)

Now what I did receive was a huge package of pre-release Kung Zhu Pets! Among the goodies in the box were:

2 Hamsters - Azer and Seargent Serge - There are a total of 4 Kung Zhu Ninjas and 4 Kung Zhu Special Forces - I rather like the my little green guy :)

For them to play with was also their Battle Armor (you can see it in the above picture) - each one has a unique gear set that you can purchase separately from the hamsters. They just sit right over the hamster and stay right on while they are running around. What's also nice is they intermingle so any hamster can wear any Battle Armor :)

The Giant Battle Arena - this is pretty big but gives them enough room to 'battle' in. Easy to assemble too.
What you saw earlier in the little video was the Rhino Tank (hehehe) and we also received the Buzzsaw Tank - What's nice is that they fit snuggley inside but even our big fingers can slide in to push a button to make them go. There's a place to put the front stand inside to secure them but the kids just pushed them in and they found their place easily.

Ok now for the fun part! This is where the good stuff happens and then they ride into battle!

The Special Forces Training Center - Alpha
Ninja Warrior Training Center - Ninja

Training Ground-Alpha

Ninja Training Ground

Now there also have these attachements that make it more challenging - Be careful because one hit is all it takes to knock you hamster out of the battle!
Missile Attack Tower
Dragon Hammer

Missile Attack Tower

Dragon Hammer

All these (and more) add onto the Battle Arena to make your own design
Now would you like to see it in action and with the kids??

We let the kids have a ball on their own and I just stood back and watched - They got the hamsters on there, they go through the training center and then they put on their battle armor - then the one orange one just seems to die instantly lol - Then we had them do the tanks - lol they shoot at each other (did my best video taping with all the excitement)

Would you like to receive your own set of Zhu Zhu Pets, Battle Arena and more!!

Yes, we have a package all set and ready to head to a good home.
The grand prize includes: 2 Hamsters, 2 Battle Armor, 1 Battle Arena, 2 Training Centers and 2 attachments! WOW

Required 1st Entry: Go to and see which hamster is your favorite, you already know mine is green! Come back and post below (don't forget your email address!)

Optional Additional Entries:(Once you've done the required entry, you may do as many of these additional entries as you'd like!) Leave separate comments for each entry.

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Contest Ends July 3rd

Check out Zhu Universe!! Its Zhu Zhu Pets coming to a town near you!! - We have one coming to Naperville IL and I might be able to talk Mike into going just for the ribs lol

Note: products were given to use free to showcase/review and do a contest with by MomSelect


Erika said...

1.Defiantly either Azer or Stonewall!

2. I follow you on facebook

3. Im about to post to my blog right now!!!

Mandy said...

I like the green guy too! Probably because green is my fav color and I tend to gravitate toward anything green.

rebecca said...

The green one is my favorite and my little boy has been asking for a green Zhu Zhu for months!

Mandy said...

2. I follow you on facebook too.

3. My blog site is

Adrienne said...

1. I like Night Raid!
2. I follow you on Facebook.
3. I don't have a blog!

Shei said...

My favorite too is the green one. It's cool, plus my daughter's favorite color is green!

Emma B said...

Oh, I like Drayko or Sgt. Serge!

Emma B said...

I follow your blog also!

lilbabyrn03 said...

We like Sgt. Serge the green guy!

lilbabyrn03 said...

I follow you on facebook!

reaping joy said...

I like the orange one, Azer.

Thanks for the opportunity,

lizhasalife said...

Our favorite is Rock'O!

lizhasalife said...

Following you with GFC!

Manhattan Mandie said...

I love Stonewall!

txam95 said...

I like Thorn!

txam95 said...

I follow you on Facebook!

Leslie said...

I like Rock'O.

I follow you on facebook

I posted on my blog (

Heidi said...

LOL! These are great. Love the Ninja Warriors, Drakyko and Yama.

goodknightfairmaiden said...

1. Sgt. Serge. My son is mad for them and they make me giggle so much too!
3. I follow you on Facebook. No blog!!

goodknightfairmaiden said...

Oh, my e-mail address is

Thanks for this fun contest, Amy!

goodknightfairmaiden said...

1. Sgt. Serge. My son is mad for them and they make me giggle so much too!
3. I follow you on Facebook. No blog!!

Ok, all at once now.

rebeccabalter said...

I like the black & white guy with the blood/bruise next to his eye! Super cool.

rebeccabalter said...

I just sugned up to follow your blog:)

rebeccabalter said...

I just posted/tweeted the contest to my Twitter account:

Anonymous said...

I like Rock-O's bio but Rivet looks awesome in his tank so I can't decide.


lolamichele said...

I like rivit, the little gray and green guy. He is really cute.

boswife @ gmail . com

Michelle S. said...

My favorite color is Green too! So Seargent Serge would be my pick :)

Michelle S. said...

I am now following via google friend connect. Michelle S

Michelle S. said...

Tweeted Giveaway

Kate said...

"Stonewall" is my favorite; I love the color combo.

txam95 said...

1. Sgt. Serge is my favorite. We just bought that one today!

2. I follow you on Facebook.

mom2acendeuce said...

I don't blog or twitter, but follow your all of your decorating dilemmas:)...our fave Kung Zhu is Yama(gotta go with the scorpion related one being in AZ and all) Thanks!

Stacey said...

I like Yama! So cute!

Stacey said...

I follow you on facebook

Little Miss Shabby said...

That buzzsaw one is so cute! Those are just absolutely hilarious. My girls would love them!! =)

Michelle said...

My son and I like Drayko, the black one.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Stonewall (black and blue) :)

Karen D.

Anonymous said...

I follow you :)

Karen D.

Anonymous said...

the black and blue one is my fave!

m9m9m9 at

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