Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bubble Friends Forever - Contest

It was a small problem that launched the idea for Shell Raham’s big business in November of 2009. A teacher friend had mentioned to Raham how hard it was to find the right jacket or shoes to pair up to the children in her class.

To solve the problem, Raham created a funky, personalized bubble with bright and cheerful illustrations and little balls inside to attach to sneakers. But it was when Raham turned the bubble into a zipper pull that she knew she had a hit on her hands. Her three-year-old son was thrilled with his new found ability to easily grasp the bubble and zip up his own jacket.

“I knew if he loved it, and teachers loved it, I had to pursue it,” says Raham, who began making them by hand with her husband and a third partner and selling them to her network of friends. Demand grew quickly, and Raham realized she needed help getting the product into retail stores to keep up. “I got in touch with local artist Dean Stanton, who painted the famed Sunalta school mural, and he helped us created eye-catching packaging and display stands.”

Stanton’s packaging design features a reusable wipe off coloring image and proclaims the company’s strict testing standards, a rarity in children’s jewelry. Raham worked with Health Canada for classification and to ensure testing was conducted through an accredited Canadian laboratory and exceeds Canadian Standards for children’s jewelry.

The Zip-Its, and a companion line of trading necklaces with removable bubbles, debuted in retail stores in May. Bubble Friends Forever now includes hundreds of illustrations, including from hockey to video game designs to the obligatory princesses.

Priced at just $7.99 each, the bubble necklaces and Zip-Its are affordable fun for kids of all ages, and are available on the company’s website at

Use code
BUBBLE and it will give you 40% off their grand opening sale Monday
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We received our beautifully packaged box of Bubble Friends Forever and the kids couldn't take
their hands off of them. We were sent 2 trading necklaces, 4 Zip - Its. I couldn't wait for the kids to try them out and then to show you!!

The trading necklaces are cute!! They have a strong necklace laced through the curved backing and we tested them with the teens even - they didn't break. They fit nicely in the palm of the hand and with the curved back little fingers can hold on :) She's really thought of everything with these!

The Zip - Its are the neatest idea - you can see both the girls and boys versions and she includes instructions too. Easy to put on and they don't slide off. No more wondering whose jackets whose and they work on the backpacks too!!


Would you like to receive one of these? I knew you would :)
Enter the contest below by doing one of the following and posting that you've done so.

1 Entry - go to and tell me what item(s) you think are the cutest!

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Don't forget to put your email address!! Contest will run til 6/18/2010


Simply Cute said...

The Apple Girl zipper pull and the zebra zipper pull are the cutest that my little girl and little boy would like.
Following your blog
Posted on my blog

threewinks05 said...

I really like the pirate and the cutie bug. My kids would love these. We are a military family, and these would be great to keep the girls "Friends Forever" when we would have to leave. May God bless your family and your business.

Anonymous said...

I think he would pick Bat Boy since he's really into Batman lately. Great giveaway!

Karen D.

Stefany said...

If I had to choose only one, it would be the Pirate for my son. These really are super cute! I will have to look into them for all the kids!

Lisa said...

My favourite zip-it is the owl on the pink background. It caught my eye because its already got my daughter's name on it! Love it!

lolamichele said...

love the zip-it's! the pirate has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

boswife @ gmail . com

Chrissy said...

I love the ooh-la-la french poodle! My daughter and I are both obsessed with Paris and anything that goes with it! These are the cutest things ever for little girls!

Amy Serpe said...

Karen - Michele - Liz - Congratulations!! You've all won Zip-its

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