Monday, March 30, 2009

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Week 2 Weightloss...

I didn't loose as much as last week but I did manage almost 3 lbs!! I need to step it back up and start the treadmill again every morning - skip it on the weekends and relax then. The schedule has been so hectic too!

My family is here and its tough not to snack and eat while they are snacking. Can't tell them not to eat. I can kill my mother though!! She brought a box, A BOX, full of easter candy for Amber and its more than she can eat in a month lol. That's going to be hidden today while she's at school lol.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Uppercase Living Open House - April 5th

Live online chatroom!! Ask me questions and here about more specials!!

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Easter Traditions...

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Friday, March 27, 2009


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Day ??

lol I've lost track of the days of dieting but I'm up to a firm 20 mins on the treadmill - with a couple cool down minutes, my heart feels like its racing out of my chest when I'm done so I figured I'd up the cool down a little lol. I hear nightmare stories that people over do the treadmill and then get off and drop dead from a heart attack. Our machine has a heart monitor on it and I use it all the time lol making sure it doesn't go too high. Yeah I'm a worry wart lol

Mike's been making dinner non stop latley and we're eating leftovers more now than ever. I hate leftovers - they are never the same. Except pizza - its always better the day after lol.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warranties and Car Deals, Suck!

We have a '05 Pontiac Grand Am - On Monday we drove up, dropped it off in the rain so they could have it first thing Tuesday morning. We needed the coolant flushed, the radio, cigarette lighter (for car phone to charge), and for them to check the car since it hasn't been working great - won't start on the first try and it had issues in reverse the other day.

I called all day Tuesday until 3pm when they finally said it was ready to be picked up. They said there's nothing wrong, it won't do it for them... yadda yadda yadda... Drove up again with my husband - get it and they didn't fix the radio!! I was soo livid we just drove home - get home and my husband calls - they could have pulled it apparently and sent it in but they didn't want me to be without a radio - ummm the thing doesn't work right to begin with! So I drive it back up there today and they took 10 mins to pull it. Quick and simple. I get home, drop my neighbor off - since I dragged her out shopping all day lol and notice there is puddles in her driveway!!

The coolant is leaking all over the place - so now my husband things they either overflowed it or the water pump is now bad. Give me a break!! They will so fix this asap!! I can't be driving all over with a bad water pump - of course my husband thinks its fine as long as the car doesn't get too hot (ROLLING EYES HERE!!) I'm sure every woman on earth would have given him the same death stare with the rolling eyes that I did when he said that.

Ohhh what a start to the weekend... hope yours is better!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My New Phone :)

I've been dying to get rid of the Motorola slim that I have, the face board is moving and it keeps shutting itself off. I'm finally eligible to get $50 off a new phone with 2yr contract and $50 off with online order .... so I picked the LG enV2 in maroon. I can't wait to get it and try it out. I don't use more than 400 minutes or 250 texts in a month lol but Mike likes to text me alot - he even does it to the land phone (Rolling Eyes!) - Do you know how odd it is to answer the phone and get an automated message 'this is a text to landline message please hold while we translate' and then in computer voice hear the message play. It's never anything important, he's just in a hurry and picks the wrong phone to text to - home instead of Amy Cell. (head shaking and rolling eyes lol)


Rain Rain Go AWAY!!

All its doing this week is raining... just makes you want to sleep and bed sad! To brighten up the morning and use the eggs before they went bad, I made french toast for everyone.

Amber's taking cough medicine now since she started barking again. She does this with the change of weather. Poor thing is having a sucky spring break! She's indoors doing movie watching for the moment :)

With everyone coming this weekend I'm cleaning house still. Doing laundry and all the boring stuff. We rented movies - Space Buddies - kinda cute, really for boys but Amber loved it. The cliche's were a little over the top lol with BDog and his language (nothing bad) slang.

This is after we watched Happily N'Ever After 2: Snow White - cute but definitely new style with the bratz attitude and slang. I don't think I can get used to that! lol

I still have The Happening to watch but not without Mike - I was told the ending will shock me. I can't do horror films but this I was told was ok. No KIDS should watch it though!

I did get to watch Rachel Getting Married with Anne Hathaway - thinking she was great in the Princess Dairies but WOW what a different role - not kid friendly and if you don't like major drama this isn't for you. Odd movie.

Ohhh off I go to clean....

Monday, March 23, 2009

1st Week Weight Loss

My first week official weight loss is 5.6 lbs!! I'm excited!!

I ate a little strawberry applesauce and then ran down to do my 16 mins on the treadmill. Now to relax for a minute, have breakfast and do the housecleaning - its pouring out and we are stuck in doors :(

A New Door Bell!!

Whooo Hooo!! We finally have a new door bell!!

About a week ago, yes its been a little over a week with out a doorbell. We had Fedex come to the house and drop off a package for Mike's work. The guy rang the doorbell and left the package BUT he pushed the doorbell in so much that it got stuck and rang for 2hrs!

The only reason we know that it got stuck for so long.... I had just left the house and there was no package and I got home 15mins later from picking Amber up from school. I was home for about 2 hrs when I called my neighbor frantic... I kept hearing the door bell and no one was there. Then there was a noise coming from the hall and it was becoming ear peircing. (stop laughing!) I had no idea what to do and it was freaking me out. She ran over and we figured it out - the doorbell was stuck. It burnt out the chime in the box in the house (where the noise was coming from).

After a week, I finally convinced my husband to go out and get one AND a new buzzer for the front. I didn't want the cheap crap that came with the house and have it happen all over again.

The surprising thing - even to my husband - is that it took less than 5 mins to remove and install both peices and theywork!! lol

(Mike's always good with wiring things. I'm just a nut wanting to double check his work)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whose idea was this today??

Whose idea was this today?? We got up and went for a walk - to the new subway in town and then down to the park. Well Mike had to go back and get the car... stop laughing!! I couldn't walk home, I was in too much pain. I had already done my morning treadmill for 16mins and then this... still throbbing in pain. I refuse to take Tylenol for it lol.

It's a beautiful day so I wanted to do something outside and be motivated. Such a wrong wrong idea! At least I shouldn't have done the treadmill this morning.

Maybe I can put my feet up for a little bit tonight... heading back outside to enjoy it while it lasts. It's supposed to rain like crazy this week.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 5 of my diet and my husband talked me into weighing myself. I lost 4.4 lbs already!! Yes I'm doing a happy dance lol. I will re-weigh myself Monday morning and see what my weekly loss will be.

I'm really enjoying it this time around - Mike made shrimp and rice for dinner - he's an awesome cook :) He even went out and bought fish and more healthy junk from wally world so we could eat in all weekend and be good on our diets... we normally have pizza on Fridays and burgers on Saturday and leftovers on Sunday. So its going to be a nice change! I'm not feeling the addiction for caffine or soda but I am feeling the cravings for CHIPS I want to sit down with a whole bag and just munch. lol I just want to chew and crunch and taste them... pathetic I know.

I'm up to 15 mins on the treadmill and was rock'n'rollin to my daughters Avril Lavigne songs lol. I got so tired of hearing Mike's Van Halen or ACDC songs. I needed something that would be pop and push me to move.

I'm so sad - we live in such a tiny town that the big news today after school got out early was that Subway had reopened in its new spot!! It's now an eat in and so nicely done compared to the gas station counter and no where to eat on that side but near the bathrooms. (shiver at the thought of eating in there before) Amber was excited, yes she demanded we eat there and then go get movies.

She always gets a Friday movie and sits in her playroom while mom and dad watch Battlestar Galactica - its the Final Episode tonight! We have it on DVR right now so that we can watch it later - its 2.5 hrs and we can't sit through that. So Mike wants to watch it tomorrow and fastforward through the commercials lol. Men!

Now the most fun we had today was digging out our old Easter decorations - I used to LOVE decorating the tree outside my moms house with platic eggs - of course we used to tell her she cursed us each time cause once they went up we had a huge ice storm or blizzard. This is upstate NY of course. Well this year we don't have a tree but I'm getting Egg lights and putting them around the front window. We'll get a tree soon but for now this will work :)

I remember putting up those peel and stick static cling decals and designing them the way I wanted to on my bedroom window. I found the cutest things called GelGems that stick up and don't fall down and are thick for little fingers. I LOVE them and how bright they are. My gf at HomeElements sells them for $5 a pack - and they keep each year. I got a bunny face, eggs and a baby chick. Amber has them on the back door right now. Gotta have some traditions, right! That's what its all about for me right now - being our 4th house and so far away from family its the only thing that makes each holiday or event special is the things we remember doing WITH our family - the easter bunny picture, decorating, the bunny tracks to the easter basket. Even though we are at the stage of not believing she still wants to pretend and I'm all for it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today was fun! lol - I had to get up and run to school to argue with the teachers that nothing is coming home - prime example is the field trip she was going on TODAY, the slip never made it in my hands and after 15 mins in the office trying to track down a slip I could sign so she could go - I left notes for the teachers to call me so we could discuss this never ending issue. As you can guess its almost 9pm and no calls.

I took myself out of the house and nuttiness and went to visit friends - HomeElements in Pecataonica, IL - she just moved to a new store location there and its HUGE. I love her purses and wallets. I get complements on it everywhere. And its a fun store to go to and shop for Ambers little inexpensive gifts. Plus she listened to me babbly for half an hr while I walked around shopping lol.

Then I took a little ride to TheEmptyAttic in Rock City, IL - I have a fascination with country items. The plates, baskets, furniture - everything and I LOVE the holiday stuff they have there - always unique and one of a kind items. I found the cutest set of bunnies for the front yard and an old fashion stuffed bunny with carrots to sit on the entry way table. I'll take pictures tomorrow :)

I then had to stop (just had to!) at the ice cream/sandwich shop in Davis, IL and get my croissant sandwich. They melt in your mouth. I grabbed two since I knew Mike was on his way home. He was pleasantly surprised how good it was and CHEAP. But it's a small town and its that small town atmosphere that draws you in.

After my little adventure I just relaxed the rest of the day and enjoyed having my husband home :) He's been gone so often lately I've forgotten what it was like to just cuddle on the couch and watch something on tv. I fell asleep lol.

Hope your weekend is good!! Tomorrow starts our Spring Break :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 3 of my diet is going strong! I'm taking the B12 pills still - no side effects. I don't feel anything from it but I'm going to wait a week at least to see what happens. Did a little grocery shopping yesterday and bought my snack items - I got grapes and was shocked at the size! Have you noticed the green seedless grapes are HUGE this year lol - I had one that was as big as my thumb. Kinda dissapointed since that means I need to have less grapes at a time :(

I'm up to 13 mins on the treadmill - with 1.5 cool down too. I do need to make sure I wear my good sneakers - I did the slip on sneakers yesterday and notice a complete difference when walking. My gf was laughing at me and I just shrugged me shoulders - their easier to get on. What else can I say? Love the dang things, especially if I'm running late. They look like real sneakers and no one notices that they don't have a back when you have jeans on.

After getting Amber off to school, treadmill, cleaning dishes/kitchen and laundry - I sat down for lunch and watched the final disc for season 7 of the Gilmore Girls - NOT an ending I was hoping for - I so wanted to cry at a wedding or something - nope just a lot of sappy things - But it was GREAT watching the entire series with Amber - so nice to laugh and giggle at the same things, now that she gets it and she's old enough to appreciate it. (I always watch the episodes twice, once by myself and then with Amber - why? cause she moves around alot, talks and just can't sit still enough for me to concentrate plus my house is like grand central station - so its easier to enjoy it if I know what's happening - plus she always asks 'why? how? or what happened?' and now I have an answer!)

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with my husband - we have a little money for a trip this summer and he wants to go to Vegas - since my sister and mom are coming out in two weeks, mom doesn't mind that we wont be coming home for the summer. So now its time to plan what things we'll do on the way there - we are going to be staying at Circus Circus in Vegas!! Ambers excited - yes we are bringing her and the other grandma to help babysit and to enjoy family events :) Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day!

Ahh The Irish Eyes Are Smiling!!

Todays starting out ok - we'll see how it goes. Yesterday afternoon we got a call from school that Amber had a tiny fever and didn't want to eat. I think she's nervous about the plays they are doing at school this week. But she got up, ate toast, no fever and off to school she went! So I'm staying home to see if she's gonna make it the whole day lol.

I am patting myself on the back this morning as well as my husband - its day 2 of the diet and we both upped the amt of time on the treadmill. The little sucker though is using the elepitcal as well and I just can't go there. He's alternating between the two (shaking head) he has to prove he's manlier lol. I'm up to 10 mins at 2.5 speed - not horrible - I want to be up to 30 mins by the weekend and than stay there for a couple days and then move up the speed. I will say my thighs and ankles were itching like crazy! all that blood flowing finally. That's what I get for sitting on the couch and eating bon bons all this time (NOT).

Monday, March 16, 2009

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Day 1 - And the diet begins!

Those awful dreadful words just came out of my mouth... ughh lol

Yes the diet begins today - but I just remind myself its not a diet - its a restructure of how I eat, what I eat and when I eat. I plan on tricking myself by eating less at one time but eating more often. This seems to work when I put my mind to it.

I'm also using our new treadmill we bought. I got the NordicTrack T7 si when it was on a major sale at Sears. Mike had to go all the way up to Wisconsin and get it since it sold out here and there was no available online delivery. All the reviews I read said it was awesome and I wanted to make sure it had a wide track. I hate those small ones, I feel like I'm gonna fall off. The neat thing is that Mike has the ipod thing hooked up to it so it plays the music as we are walking.

Mike decided to do it with me - which is great - we get up in the mornings, get Amber off to school and then go down and use the treadmill. We are supposed to do it in the morning and at night. So we'll see how it goes. I LOVE treadmills - so much better than the elepitcal that we have. I can't even do 5 mins on that thing! I feel like my thighs are rubber and that I'm gonna fall over after I get off of it. lol The treadmill makes me sweat and I can feel good after getting done.

We also decided to try B12 Methylcobalamin pills (500 mcg) - Mike's read up on them and their supposed to help with energy, fat burning and blood count. Since I'm always anemic they are supposed to help with that too. So its Day 1 for that too. I'm nervous taking pills - don't want any side effects.

I'm going to be putting a side bar to help me keep track of my weight loss - so yes that's the real number lol So now its off to cleaning the house, gutting the kitchen of almost all the snacks (Ambers still needs some) and then laundry!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Kitchen Before and After

Since I'm sitting in the kitchen doing dishes and laundry in the next room I thought I'd share pictures of the kitchen...

Before and After
We've had to get a microwave since it didn't come with one and a fridge. We eventually replaced the stove (the one that come with the house was so basic it didn't even have a clock) and the dishwasher (we found it wasn't handling the hard water we had).

We changed out the faucet to get the kind that had the spray hose attached to the nozzle. LOVE IT!! Added a garbage disposal and switch. It's kinda weird - the light is on the right of the sink and the disposal switch on the left. Then went the light fixtures - I thought the gold was a little 80's. Since the same lights are through out the house we did the entire house at the same time to make sure they all matched. I added a 5 light to the kitchen - the three was pathetic and we had to hang it higher since Mike is almost 6' 4" and hits hid head on it all the time. I also fell in love with a brushed nickel switch plate and redid the plain white through out the kitchen (and the house).

While Mike was away for one of his training trips I got on the counter and ladder and painted the kitchen an awesome Mountain Trail color from Lowes. I wanted to counter act the dark chocolate in the living room but stay warm and go darker than the tan in the living room. He didn't mind the surprise - he hates painting!

If hadn't noticed already I'm into the country style and collecting plates :) Can't have enough of those funky plates with the most loving sayings!

My next plan is to add a peninsula addition where the garbage can is and give us more counter space. This will help with the pots and pans too - there's no where to put anything! We've priced out the peninsula but now have to wait on saving enough to get it!

Yes, I know you saw the computer desk area on the right in the first picture BUT I use that entire area for the computer and all my business stuff. This way I don't take up the dinning room with an office.

Well I thought that I wasn't doing much but then.... I'd like to strangle the person who built my house... It had to be a man, there is no way a woman would have designed the kitchen!! I just spent the last hour trying to remove shelves and clean my fridge - shouldn't be an issue except that I can't get the fridge door open wide enough since there is a wall on the fridge side blocking the handle. Now it has been suggested that I didn't measure the fridge before buying and that its really the handle on the fridge that's causing the problem BUT who the heck brings home a fridge to test it out thinking the handle would become an issue??? I should be open to fully open both my doors and reach in. NOPE.

Right now its in the corner with the freezer fully accessible and the fridge door against the wall - therefore it hits AND what makes it worse is that I got this fridge -when we moved in 2 years ago - thinking the huge bay door holders would be wonderful. Well (see how the door is open in the picture - that's how far it opens) once I get my boobs past the door shelves I can reach in the fridge but I end up with bruises on the poor things LMAO.

Now that we've had it for 2 years I've removed the soda (holds a 12 pack) shelf since neither of us really drink soda and Amber doesn't at all. I've taken out one of the bottom drawers too to give us another shelf to store milk and orange juice since we go through it so often we normally have 2 in the fridge at the time. It also has a great shelf that folds in on itself making it a half shelf. So I pushed that shelf and one more close by to give it to Amber for her cheese sticks, pudding, yogurt and more and be able to see it all and reach it.

Enough babbling - I think the cleaning products have gotten to me lol - thanks for listening to me and .... Note to mom: Yes I know I need to go grocery shopping, stop yourself from emailing me - I'm on it! lol

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whoo hoo! Who doesn't love sales?

I've been making wish lists forever for Amber's Bathroom. I wanted to change out the hello kitty items she's had for a few years lol. I fell in love with Uppercase Living over a year ago and started getting things here and there and then signed up to be a demonstrator! But NOW is the time to get what I've been dying to have!! :)

They are offering a BOGO Special - Buy 1 and get 1 at 50% off!!
(Second item needs to be of equal or lesser value)
It starts today and goes to April 6th!

So what am I thinking of getting for Ambers Bathroom? We had gone back and forth on this - First is was the surfer theme - surfboard, hibisus flowers and doing seaweed coming up from the bottom of her tub. But now we've changed it and we've decided to do a Music Rocker Theme. She LOVES music and sings in the shower. Plus she's addicted to American Idol - so this will be perfect!

We are putting the headphones on the inside of the tub since she sings in the shower, which will work with a semi see through shower curtain. A few music notes scattered all over, RockStar on her mirror and the music sheet with her custome designed name on top of it on her cabinet shelf. I can't wait to get it and take pictures!! :)

She has pink and white towels and a white cabinet right now in the bathroom so I'm thinking Bubblegum Pink, Violet Bouquet and Shoreline Blue for her colors. Maybe put a little bling on it with our gems!

I've got a devilish grin right now since her bday is coming up in April and this will be a perfect surprise for her - ok I've got to take before pictures! I'll post them here in a few :)

Always pays to wait and be patient - now I can have some fun!

*Yes it holds up in the bathroom - its waterproof and as long as you don't scrub it or use cleaner on it, it works wonders! We had a demonstrator try it over the summer in her swimming pool - she put it on the steps and submerged them all summer - the only items that came off a little was the tiny insides of the hibiscus flowers - but with all the chemicals and use of the pool - it really held up!

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