Friday, March 20, 2009

Now the most fun we had today was digging out our old Easter decorations - I used to LOVE decorating the tree outside my moms house with platic eggs - of course we used to tell her she cursed us each time cause once they went up we had a huge ice storm or blizzard. This is upstate NY of course. Well this year we don't have a tree but I'm getting Egg lights and putting them around the front window. We'll get a tree soon but for now this will work :)

I remember putting up those peel and stick static cling decals and designing them the way I wanted to on my bedroom window. I found the cutest things called GelGems that stick up and don't fall down and are thick for little fingers. I LOVE them and how bright they are. My gf at HomeElements sells them for $5 a pack - and they keep each year. I got a bunny face, eggs and a baby chick. Amber has them on the back door right now. Gotta have some traditions, right! That's what its all about for me right now - being our 4th house and so far away from family its the only thing that makes each holiday or event special is the things we remember doing WITH our family - the easter bunny picture, decorating, the bunny tracks to the easter basket. Even though we are at the stage of not believing she still wants to pretend and I'm all for it!


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