Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Traditions...

There are many different kinds of Easter traditions that people celebrate.  A tradition is something that a family or group of people does every time that certain occasion happens together.  It does not matter what the tradition is that you and your family or friends do, as long as you are celebrating together.  You choose one certain thing that you think is special or you can choose to do a whole group of things for your Easter tradition.     Many families like to have a simple tradition like eating Easter dinner together.  This s a very important tradition and will mean a lot to all of the members of your family and friends.  You can plan for a certain day like the actual holiday or a day that is better for everyone to attend.  You can all be responsible for a certain dish or bring along one favorite item every time.  Make a list of everyone and all the dishes and see what you need from there.  This will be a speciall time for everyone to get together and catch up.     Getting a family picture taken is another super idea for an Easter tradition.  This is something that you can include the entire family or you can do with just your immediate family.  You can have everyone get dressed up in his or her Sunday best and meet on a certain day to have a family portrait taken.  This is a great way to make every Easter be remembered for everyone.  You can hand out the photos to each family and also give them out in your Easter cards, which is another great example of an Easter tradition. YES, THERE IS AN EASTER BUNNY    Since your children and grandchildren already look forward to the Easter Bunny every single year, make it a tradition to leave evidence that the Easter Bunny has indeed been hopping around.  You will love to watch as your young ones get excited and their eyes light up.  Here are two great ways to show that the Easter Bunny indeed found his way to your home:    Bunny Droppings:   Leave a trail of black jelly beans for bunny droppings!    Bunny Tracks:  Lightly coat your thumb, index finger and middle finger in flour.  Keep your two fingers together about an inch above your thumb.  Make tracks all along your child's arm right onto her face.COMPASSION BASKETS    Take time this Easter season to show your compassion for others by making simple baskets and filling them with goodies. Leave them for others without identifying yourself:  hang them on a doorknob, leave it on a desk, place is on a car seat.  What a wonderful lesson for the whole family to experience ~ giving without expecting anything in return.     THE COMPASSION TREE    Go on a little hike with your wee ones and along the way, pick up some sticks that could be arranged into a mock tree.  Place all of them in a coffee can or vase and place in a prominent place in your home.   Cut out egg shapes from pretty colored paper and attach a ribbon to each one.  The week before Easter, or for however long you wish, write the names of all the people you want to show compassion toward.  Take time each day to stand around the compassion tree and say wonderful things about each of these people.  Positive comments will go a long, long way.


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