Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 3 of my diet is going strong! I'm taking the B12 pills still - no side effects. I don't feel anything from it but I'm going to wait a week at least to see what happens. Did a little grocery shopping yesterday and bought my snack items - I got grapes and was shocked at the size! Have you noticed the green seedless grapes are HUGE this year lol - I had one that was as big as my thumb. Kinda dissapointed since that means I need to have less grapes at a time :(

I'm up to 13 mins on the treadmill - with 1.5 cool down too. I do need to make sure I wear my good sneakers - I did the slip on sneakers yesterday and notice a complete difference when walking. My gf was laughing at me and I just shrugged me shoulders - their easier to get on. What else can I say? Love the dang things, especially if I'm running late. They look like real sneakers and no one notices that they don't have a back when you have jeans on.

After getting Amber off to school, treadmill, cleaning dishes/kitchen and laundry - I sat down for lunch and watched the final disc for season 7 of the Gilmore Girls - NOT an ending I was hoping for - I so wanted to cry at a wedding or something - nope just a lot of sappy things - But it was GREAT watching the entire series with Amber - so nice to laugh and giggle at the same things, now that she gets it and she's old enough to appreciate it. (I always watch the episodes twice, once by myself and then with Amber - why? cause she moves around alot, talks and just can't sit still enough for me to concentrate plus my house is like grand central station - so its easier to enjoy it if I know what's happening - plus she always asks 'why? how? or what happened?' and now I have an answer!)

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with my husband - we have a little money for a trip this summer and he wants to go to Vegas - since my sister and mom are coming out in two weeks, mom doesn't mind that we wont be coming home for the summer. So now its time to plan what things we'll do on the way there - we are going to be staying at Circus Circus in Vegas!! Ambers excited - yes we are bringing her and the other grandma to help babysit and to enjoy family events :) Any suggestions?


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