Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 5 of my diet and my husband talked me into weighing myself. I lost 4.4 lbs already!! Yes I'm doing a happy dance lol. I will re-weigh myself Monday morning and see what my weekly loss will be.

I'm really enjoying it this time around - Mike made shrimp and rice for dinner - he's an awesome cook :) He even went out and bought fish and more healthy junk from wally world so we could eat in all weekend and be good on our diets... we normally have pizza on Fridays and burgers on Saturday and leftovers on Sunday. So its going to be a nice change! I'm not feeling the addiction for caffine or soda but I am feeling the cravings for CHIPS I want to sit down with a whole bag and just munch. lol I just want to chew and crunch and taste them... pathetic I know.

I'm up to 15 mins on the treadmill and was rock'n'rollin to my daughters Avril Lavigne songs lol. I got so tired of hearing Mike's Van Halen or ACDC songs. I needed something that would be pop and push me to move.

I'm so sad - we live in such a tiny town that the big news today after school got out early was that Subway had reopened in its new spot!! It's now an eat in and so nicely done compared to the gas station counter and no where to eat on that side but near the bathrooms. (shiver at the thought of eating in there before) Amber was excited, yes she demanded we eat there and then go get movies.

She always gets a Friday movie and sits in her playroom while mom and dad watch Battlestar Galactica - its the Final Episode tonight! We have it on DVR right now so that we can watch it later - its 2.5 hrs and we can't sit through that. So Mike wants to watch it tomorrow and fastforward through the commercials lol. Men!


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