Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today was fun! lol - I had to get up and run to school to argue with the teachers that nothing is coming home - prime example is the field trip she was going on TODAY, the slip never made it in my hands and after 15 mins in the office trying to track down a slip I could sign so she could go - I left notes for the teachers to call me so we could discuss this never ending issue. As you can guess its almost 9pm and no calls.

I took myself out of the house and nuttiness and went to visit friends - HomeElements in Pecataonica, IL - she just moved to a new store location there and its HUGE. I love her purses and wallets. I get complements on it everywhere. And its a fun store to go to and shop for Ambers little inexpensive gifts. Plus she listened to me babbly for half an hr while I walked around shopping lol.

Then I took a little ride to TheEmptyAttic in Rock City, IL - I have a fascination with country items. The plates, baskets, furniture - everything and I LOVE the holiday stuff they have there - always unique and one of a kind items. I found the cutest set of bunnies for the front yard and an old fashion stuffed bunny with carrots to sit on the entry way table. I'll take pictures tomorrow :)

I then had to stop (just had to!) at the ice cream/sandwich shop in Davis, IL and get my croissant sandwich. They melt in your mouth. I grabbed two since I knew Mike was on his way home. He was pleasantly surprised how good it was and CHEAP. But it's a small town and its that small town atmosphere that draws you in.

After my little adventure I just relaxed the rest of the day and enjoyed having my husband home :) He's been gone so often lately I've forgotten what it was like to just cuddle on the couch and watch something on tv. I fell asleep lol.

Hope your weekend is good!! Tomorrow starts our Spring Break :)


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