Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!

All its doing this week is raining... just makes you want to sleep and bed sad! To brighten up the morning and use the eggs before they went bad, I made french toast for everyone.

Amber's taking cough medicine now since she started barking again. She does this with the change of weather. Poor thing is having a sucky spring break! She's indoors doing movie watching for the moment :)

With everyone coming this weekend I'm cleaning house still. Doing laundry and all the boring stuff. We rented movies - Space Buddies - kinda cute, really for boys but Amber loved it. The cliche's were a little over the top lol with BDog and his language (nothing bad) slang.

This is after we watched Happily N'Ever After 2: Snow White - cute but definitely new style with the bratz attitude and slang. I don't think I can get used to that! lol

I still have The Happening to watch but not without Mike - I was told the ending will shock me. I can't do horror films but this I was told was ok. No KIDS should watch it though!

I did get to watch Rachel Getting Married with Anne Hathaway - thinking she was great in the Princess Dairies but WOW what a different role - not kid friendly and if you don't like major drama this isn't for you. Odd movie.

Ohhh off I go to clean....


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