Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warranties and Car Deals, Suck!

We have a '05 Pontiac Grand Am - On Monday we drove up, dropped it off in the rain so they could have it first thing Tuesday morning. We needed the coolant flushed, the radio, cigarette lighter (for car phone to charge), and for them to check the car since it hasn't been working great - won't start on the first try and it had issues in reverse the other day.

I called all day Tuesday until 3pm when they finally said it was ready to be picked up. They said there's nothing wrong, it won't do it for them... yadda yadda yadda... Drove up again with my husband - get it and they didn't fix the radio!! I was soo livid we just drove home - get home and my husband calls - they could have pulled it apparently and sent it in but they didn't want me to be without a radio - ummm the thing doesn't work right to begin with! So I drive it back up there today and they took 10 mins to pull it. Quick and simple. I get home, drop my neighbor off - since I dragged her out shopping all day lol and notice there is puddles in her driveway!!

The coolant is leaking all over the place - so now my husband things they either overflowed it or the water pump is now bad. Give me a break!! They will so fix this asap!! I can't be driving all over with a bad water pump - of course my husband thinks its fine as long as the car doesn't get too hot (ROLLING EYES HERE!!) I'm sure every woman on earth would have given him the same death stare with the rolling eyes that I did when he said that.

Ohhh what a start to the weekend... hope yours is better!!


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