Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Door Bell!!

Whooo Hooo!! We finally have a new door bell!!

About a week ago, yes its been a little over a week with out a doorbell. We had Fedex come to the house and drop off a package for Mike's work. The guy rang the doorbell and left the package BUT he pushed the doorbell in so much that it got stuck and rang for 2hrs!

The only reason we know that it got stuck for so long.... I had just left the house and there was no package and I got home 15mins later from picking Amber up from school. I was home for about 2 hrs when I called my neighbor frantic... I kept hearing the door bell and no one was there. Then there was a noise coming from the hall and it was becoming ear peircing. (stop laughing!) I had no idea what to do and it was freaking me out. She ran over and we figured it out - the doorbell was stuck. It burnt out the chime in the box in the house (where the noise was coming from).

After a week, I finally convinced my husband to go out and get one AND a new buzzer for the front. I didn't want the cheap crap that came with the house and have it happen all over again.

The surprising thing - even to my husband - is that it took less than 5 mins to remove and install both peices and theywork!! lol

(Mike's always good with wiring things. I'm just a nut wanting to double check his work)


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