Saturday, April 28, 2012

Books... Thirst and Daughters of the Moon

Meanwhile since its been too cold to paint or work in the garage on projects I've taken up reading odd series. lol. ODD ones. I started out with Thirst. I got it since it was only $2 at the used book store. At first I thought, ok, its a book about a 5000 yr old vampire, I'd like to hear her stories from through the time. But the author did it at odd intervals. It was charming enough, I made it through BUT I really didn't want to read the next one. Then I heard the author made a new one to the series and I read up on the reviews. Hmmm... how to put it gently. He fragged it all up?? Apparently the stories in Thirst 1 and 2 were fictionally written by one of the main characters and he totally throws a wrench into the story. I would have rather he not done that and tempted me with a different version to make me want to continue the series. Ohh well.

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood and Red Dice (Thirst #1) 

So I'm telling Amber gf that was over at the house, that I didn't like this series. She agrees and tell me to read The Daughters of the Moon series. I now see why. Its a huge book... its ok... its PRETEEN for sure. Its slow. Its taken me days upon days to get through it. Its simple enough of a story line. Girls have mysterious powers. They don't know how they have them. Then you find out they have amulets that are similar that their parents gave them. Then one goes missing and a strange girl at school tells her where she can find her best friend. We get the idea of the title half way through. But it just doesn't sit well with me. Now that I'm really looking to dive into a thick juicy series.

Daughters of the Moon: Volume 1 (Daughters of the Moon #1-3) by

Some of the series I've been reading have finally come out with their next book and I'm ready to jump on them. But do you have any to suggest?? I'd love to start a new series :)

Day 2 of 1st IVF Cycle

I thougt that by not writing last month and trying to keep my mind on other things that I would have a better chance or be able to get the month by without incident. Not. After ovulation my boobs didn't hurt, unlike the other cycles where they were unbearable to even look at lol. Then I was 3 days late and of course more than hopeful. But in the end I cried like a baby for a few hrs and faced the monthly monster when it arrived.

This month we are going straight to IVF. A little risky in my opinion and a bit more successful but I don't have much longer to try before they do another DNC and want to do a hysterectomy.

Now I'm starting BC... why? so that my body is on the hospitals schedule and not the other way around. They want me to take them through the week of the 15th where I'll start injections and finish off the last week of BC. This way they can time ovulation better and be able to pinpoint retrieval.

I plan to keep you updated :)

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