Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LIFE Foundation sponsors Life Insurance Awareness Month

As moms, we do everything we can to provide our children with a good life, filled with happiness and lots of opportunities. But when was the last time you stopped to think about how your family would manage without you? It's not a pleasant thought to ponder, but if your family depends on you, it's a topic you can't afford to ignore.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to think about protecting the most important people in our lives. The nonprofit LIFE Foundation sponsors Life Insurance Awareness Month in response to the growing problem of too many families not having adequate life insurance protection. According to the industry research group LIMRA, 11 million U.S. households with children under age 18 have no coverage. Those families are just one illness or accident away from a financial crisis, and something needs to be done about it. That's why LIFE has created the "Insure Your Love Picture Mosaic" in support of Life Insurance Awareness Month.

The "Insure Your Love Picture Mosaic" is designed to recognize and celebrate those who have made the responsible decision to protect their loved ones by owning life insurance, while also introducing them to a larger community of others who have made the same choice. People are encouraged to upload up to 20 photos of their loved ones, whose financial future has been safeguarded by their decision to purchase life insurance. 

By adding your photos to the mosaic, you will also be helping out a great cause. For each photo uploaded, $1 will be donated to the LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program, which provides tuition assistance to students who have lost a parent and are struggling to achieve their dream of a college education. 

 Go do it today!! And post yours on facebook!!

*Discloser - I received a gift card as part of a promotional program with the LIFE Foundation and MomSelect

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Betty Crocker Fun Da-Middles

 Ok this was too cute! I love this and it was easy to do too. They sent a muffin pan, mitt, cupcake holders, notecards and three of their new fun da-middles mixes. We made one and gave the other two away.

 Step 1 - make the mix like normal and you see the frosting packet on the left side.

 Pour a little batter...
 Add a little frosting...
 Pour a little more batter... and really even if its not even and perfect, they love them!

And I had to quickly take pictures before they were all gone... they were fantastic!! Less messy too :)

Chef Boyardee House Party!!

 Getting ready to cook with all the free cans of Chef Boyardee - they also sent notepads, a cooler bag and some more coupons :)

 Ravioli Lasagna
Made some texas toast and we had a ball - we got eating and talking that I totally forgot to take pictures of us all!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christine Steendahl "The Menu Mom" - Fall Bundle Special!!

 Straight from Christine Steendahl "The Menu Mom" ... Just for you!!

" Special Fall Ebook Bundle"
Fall is here - my favorite season! Because I appreciate you, I wanted to
work on something extra special for you!

I created a special Fall Product Bundle that I know you are going to love!
(I promise you'll love the price too!) Included are TWELVE great products.
I have set up this bundle to help you enjoy the fall season with your

Included in the bundle are the following:

- All About Apples (Valued at $5.97)
Who doesn't love a fresh crisp apple this time of year! This e-book walks
you through the various apples and their uses, the best way to buy apples,
what to do if you end up with a ton of apples, delicious yummy apple
recipes and much more.

- All About Pumpkins (Valued at $5.97)
Pumpkins are great for both decorating and eating! Learn how to choose and
store pumpkins, fun uses for pumpkins and of course delicious pumpkin

- Delicious Fall Recipes (Valued at $8.97)
This resource includes 29 super fun and creative fall & Halloween recipes
the whole family is sure to love - everything from Halloween Party Fondue,
to Vampire Bat Stew, to Ghosts on a stick.

- Eat Whole Foods - For the Health of It (Valued at 12.97)
Our family is working on cutting out a lot of processed foods. In this
ebook I share what whole foods are, why they are important, info. on
organics, how to eat whole foods on a budget and much more. If you are
interested in learning more about whole foods - this is a great guide!

- Halloween Week Menu (Valued at $6.97)
Halloween is often one of kids favorite holidays! How about making the
entire week super fun! We have created a Halloween week dinner menu (with
a grocery shopping list of course) to make it a fun food week your kids
will never forget! (Don't worry - these are super easy recipes that the
entire family will enjoy!)

- Halloween Fun Recipes & Party Games (Valued at $5.97)
Even more Halloween recipes and some great games to play at your Halloween
Party. With this bundle you certainly won't be at a loss for creative
Halloween ideas!

- School Lunches Made Easy (Valued at $8.97)
If you have school lunches to pack each day, this guide will be your new
best friend! We'll share quick easy lunch ideas, organization tips, and
even printable charts to help you out!

- It's Sleepover Party Time (Valued at $6.97)
Sleepovers - so much fun for the kids, but sometimes a lot of work for the
parents! This illustrated recipe resource takes you through a few of our
very favorite sleepover recipes - step by step! Now feeding all those kids
is taken care of!

- Slow Cooker Recipe Book (Valued at $14.97)
I absolutely love using my slow cooker in the fall - the aroma of dinner
drifts through the house all day, and feeding the family is a cinch come
supper time! I have gathered up 54 pages of my favorite slow cooker
recipes to share with you.

- Spooky & Fun Halloween Recipes (Valued at $5.97)
Okay, maybe I went a little overboard on the Halloween Recipes - what can I
say! There are so many yummy ideas!

- Seven Simple Steps to a Super Halloween Party (Valued at $7.97)
Would you like to host a simple Halloween Party but you're just not sure
where to start? We've got you covered! We'll walk you through 7 easy
steps - Invitations, Decorations, Music, Food, Games & Activities, Crafts &
Goodie Bags. With this resource the Halloween Party Stress will be gone!

- Thanksgiving Planned for You (Valued at $12.97)
Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? If so, we've done the work for
you! We have prepared the menu, the shopping list, and the to-do list.
Take a deep breath, follow our guide and know that this year you can
actually enjoy the holiday!

Total Value: $104.64
How does 90% off sound?

Everything listed above is included in the Fall Bundle for one low price of

This offer will only be available through Oct. 3rd. You can grab it here:


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ZhuZhu Pets® movie: the Quest for Zhu™ is COMING!!


It's the final Trailer Tuesday before the grand debut of the ZhuZhu Pets® movie: the Quest for Zhu™. We have got a spectacular surprise for Zhu: A sneak peak of the adorable music video, "No Place Like Here™." Watch as Jilly the cheerleader sings this catchy song and gives you a sneak peek of scenes from the movie. Not only do the ZhuZhu Pets show off their incredible musical talents, but you get a firsthand glimpse of our loveable cast and the land of Zhu! 

Don't forget to check out the Quest for Zhu when it hits shelves this September 27th. You won't want to miss this lively tale full of adventure, humor, and song where Pipsqueak learns that sometimes all you've ever dreamed of is simply waiting for you at home! 

Disclosure: thanks to Zhu-niverse™ and MomSelect for letting me share this and enter a contest.

The Real Mayonnaise!! Hellmann's®

For so many moms, back-to-school season means back to the same old dinner routines. We have a handful of go-to recipes and we rely on them to carry us through, week-in and week-out. Well, things are about to change... Hellmann's® is on a mission to help break you out of your dinner menu monotony!

hellmanns parm crusted chicken
To help you spice-up your dinner routine, Hellmann's® and Best Foods® mayonnaise are launching the first-ever Chicken Challenge, a series of head-to-head chicken dish challenges that will help moms diversify their weekly recipe repertoire. Each week on Hellmanns.com, two chicken dish "challenger" recipes from Chipotle Lime Crusted Chicken to Baked Buffalo Chicken will go up against one of the most popular recipes on 

Hellmanns.com*, Parmesan Crusted Chicken. Try one of the featured Hellmann's® chicken recipes each week and cast your vote for your favorite.

On Hellmanns.com, you can also enter into a weekly sweepstakes for a chance to win one of four $250 grocery gift cards.** And if Hellmann's® receives more than 10,000 entries, the value of the grocery gift cards will double to $500!** 

Hellmann's®* transforms chicken into a juicier, crispier, more delicious meal.*** With so many delicious recipes to try out at Hellmanns.com, you're sure to find dishes the whole family will love.

"Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a Hellmann's® prize package in exchange for this post. No monetary exchange took place. All opinions are my own."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heely's - Have you tried them??

I was offered the chance to get Amber a pair of Heely's for her to try and review. I thought AWESOME!! She'd love this. Well it ended up being the best and funniest review I've ever had the chance to do.

We ended up getting the Heely Wave - If you’ve been looking for the perfect wave, you’re in luck. Catch a pair of these and ride them clear into the winter season.

Moc toe court styling with contrast trim
Raised Heelys logo
Synthetic nubuck and synthetic leather upper
Gum rubber Ninja Star outsole
FATS low profile wheels with ABEC 1 bearings

Amber loved them! So did Melissa down the street - it will take a little getting used to but I thought they did good. These videos should make you laugh out loud. This is their first day learning... I'll post another video once their skills kick in :)

Amber is talking to Melissa to walk her threw it - Yes I'm the one cackeling in the background.

Then it was Ambers turn and wow - you'd think she'd never been on wheels before lol - even mellissa did the assisted 'heely' lol

AND Melissa assisted!

These would awesome Christmas presents and b-day presents. We had the best time and can't wait to see them master it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


JustKid Logo

Halloween is just around the corner! If you'd like to get more creative than cutting some holes out of a white sheet and calling your child a ghost, then we have the perfect website for you - and a fun contest too!
JustKidCostumes.com offers the largest selection of children's costumes online at great prices. With over 3,000 costumes and accessories to choose from including superheroes and Disney Princesses, you can shop with your children for a variety of great costumes without the fear of seeing costumes that may be inappropriate for youngsters, like sexy kittens and bloody ghouls.

Dress Up RoomOne of the fun features on JustKidCostumes.com is their Dress-Up Room app. Just upload your child's photo to the app and see what they would look like dressed up in their favorite costume. You can even easily share their photos with your friends on Facebook!

JustKidCostumes.com has one more special offer for you to use - a special 10% off coupon code* - The coupon code is BLOGGER10. Get ahead of the Halloween crowds and get your child's costume tonight!

For all of the latest news on JustKidCostumes.com you can follow them on Facebook.

*All products are eligible for this discount. Coupon is good through Sunday, October 16th at 11:59pm PST. Merchandise total of $8.95 must be after any coupons have been applied. Discount does not apply to shipping, or sales taxes (CA only.) Coupon will be reflected as a 10% discount on the merchandise subtotal on the checkout page. Coupon cannot be combined with other coupon offers. Coupon is non-negotiable. Not valid for prior purchases. JustKidCostumes.com reserves the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of a discount.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tons of Halloween Costumes!!

One site with tons of costumes IN STOCK while others don't seem to have them... go to http://www.halloweencostumes4u.com/ 

Sassy Little Pumpkin Costume Infant or Toddler 26.13

Cowboy Childrens Halloween Costumes 19.95

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Sink - Before and After

Before the remodel lol - the old sink and old wallpaper backsplash

Afterwards with the new granite sink :)
($285 at Lowes, price matched for $175 - the faucet was our 4th choice (we couldn't decide lol) and it was only $177)

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