Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moon Dough Barn - Review

Moon Dough is an out-of-this-world new molding dough that never dries out! Hypo-allergenic and wheat-free, soft and marshmallow-like, Moon Dough does not stick to or stain material. Because Moon Dough never dries out, kids can use it again and again. Moon Dough is the latest and greatest new molding compound for kids ages 2-4 to sculpt into fun creations they will love to play with. The line also offers a variety of enjoyable play sets.

The line also offers a variety of enjoyable play sets:
  • Moon Dough Pizza Shop
  • Magical Molding Doghouse
  • Moon Dough Burger Shop
  • Moon Dough Refill Packs
The product comes in eight great colors:  Blue, Green, White, Orange, Purple, Red, Pink and Yellow!

Moon Dough is available at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Amazon, A.C Moore, Michaels, and eToys

I gotta laugh cause I LOVE the feel of moon dough - I normally don't like to play with playdough or anything cause its icky, but moon dough is like fluff that just doesn't get icky lol

Easy assembly!! Just snap the barn on the grass and put a few little things on - then its ready to roll! Make a little hay stack, shove the haystack straight into the top, roll the handle back and forth and Poof... there's a chicken... did a few of them and even a fence. I had a little too much fun and the kids are STILL playing with it.

Sticks together well for us
Not an easy clean up - its all over but heck that's what a vacuum is for
Kids can do it on their own :)
Overall fun product!

Product Features

Magically mold 4 different barnyard animals; a chicken, pig, sheep and a cow
Mold fences that connect together to build pastures and corrals for all your animals!
Hay Bale Half-mold - build hay bales to stack up and feed animals for tons of fun.

3 Bags of Moon Dough, 1 x Molding Barn, 1 x Fench Mold, 
1 x Hay Bale Mold, 1 x Playmat, 3 x Bags of Moon Dough

    Create your own magical barnyard with the Moon Dough Barn play set! Mold hay
    bales, place Moon Dough into the barn, and turn the handle Wow! Mold your hay
    bale, put it inthe barn silo and turn the crank – full 3D animal slides out to do and
    play with! One of 4 different barnyard animals is magically created for you to play
    with - It's a surprise everytime! Mold fences that you can connect together to build
    a barnyard of your very own. And because Moon Dough never dries out, you can
    make tons of fun creations - again and again! Soft, light, wheat-free and non-drying,
    Moon Dough is out of this world! 

    Note: I was sent the Moon Dough Magic Barnyard set to review  from Team Mom.  Any opinions stated 
    are strictly my own.  I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.


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