Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Lights in all their glory!! CONTEST

OK I know we all LOVE christmas lights. Even our nieghbors love glancing over and seeing what everyone else has done, driving down christmas lane and telling each other which ones we love the best. We used to have a great one in Kenosha WI where we heard carolers and it took 30-45 mins to get through all the christmas houses :)

Now http://holidayspecs.com/ has brought you the best addition yet!! Make the lights dance the way you want! Put on either the Santa Claus, Northern Lights, Angels, Snowmen, Holiday Dreams and see much more than just lights!

Amber had a blast (she wears glasses too so they fit right over them!) - she took one of each and just loved them. The Santa Claus ones you see who else but Santa in every light, The Northen Lights - you see the northern light shinning bright!, Angels - you see flying angels at every point of light, Snowmen!! I LOVE this one - see little snowmen everywhere, and of course the Holiday Dreams - sugarplums dancing in our head! - different holiday images are shown.

Their inexpensive - Amber managed not to tear a single one so they hold up well and they do really work. Give them as a gift for the holiday season, grab a couple prs to drive down Christmas Lane and see all the lights differently this year or just enjoy your own christmas tree cuddled up on the couch :)

Stop giggling at the video - but its a great way to give you the idea of how they work

*Believe it or not the neighbors have christmas lights out already and we got the chance to go outside and really give them a good use!

Enter to Win a set of 5 Glasses (1 of each kind) :

  • Go to the site http://holidayspecs.com/ and tell me what other glasses you'd love to have
  • Join my facebook page and post that you did
  • Follow my Blog and let me know that you did
  • Purchase glasses and post your order number below
  • Blog about the contest and put the link to your blog below!
Drawing will be held Dec 1st!


Lisa/BlakelysMercantile said...

Hey Amy!

I really think the Eye Witness glasses would be great for the kids group's outings and camps! They would be a great prize or welcome for a lock-in!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Amy! Did you click on any of the Chinese writing? Ok, not sure if it is Chinese... but almost all of it is clickable and ...how would I put it...??? It has a sexual content ... Please I think you should delete it... Eva

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