Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's a new year and a great time to 'Revamp' your life... no nothing to do with vampires lol! Just a chance to take a peek at the last year and the coming one and see what it is you'd like to change, redo, improve and enhance. We always want to make a fresh start... why not make the new year where we begin?

I've already started the diet... uhhh the dreaded diet. More a lifestyle change for us though. Complete with unquenchable cravings and pacing the kitchen floor wanting to snag a cookie out of the cabinet LMAO. I've done two weeks of exercising... the treadmill, with my new ipod from xmas, makes it not so boring and I actually dance on it (ok for like a sec during Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend before I loose my balance and breathe) and for a couple mins on the elliptical until I can go longer without cramping. Those darn things are horrible!! It's not like riding a bike or skiing lol. It's definitely like hiking a damn impossible mountain!! lol

So we are doing this together... Mike and I. We go down at night at 5:30 and switch after 20 mins. (for now until I can go longer lol) The dinner thing has turned more into me buying appropriate snacks and Mike cooking meals that have atleast some flavor. Yes I just said my husband cooks and he's really good at it. There are times that it turns out a little 'weird' but heck the rest of the time makes up for it. He's up to 11lbs lost (he started sooner) and I'm at a whooping 2.4 lbs. YEAH!! atleast its something!

Next... Mike's work loves to send him away for a week or two at a time so this is my time to make my house more like a home and really make it 'work' for me. Future projects? Can I list them all without burning out the blog? Ambers closet - which means taking out the door - thinning the walls down to 5" all the way around and rebuilding the inside (that's doable right?), painting Ambers room, redecorating Ambers room (which includes building a trimmed out ceiling piece above her bed with drapes), painting the hall bathroom, getting someone else to build a hall linen closet over the staircase and using Ambers closet door (Mike doesn't want to attempt this one at all!), totally REVAMP our bathroom - who showers in a 36 inch shower and feel comfortable enough to shave??? lol I want to put in a tub and bigger tile shower, finish decorating our bedroom after I settle on a theme or decor idea (been through a couple ideas from chocolate and blue to lighthouses and non 'turn me on' enough to commit lol), larger projects like adding a peninsula in the kitchen, crown molding through out the house and a chair rail to the dinning room, the dream ones of adding a larger deck, french doors to our bedroom (to go out to the deck), sitting windows in each of the bedrooms out front, patio out front, largest of them all - finishing the basement... Of course it all costs money so its do the smaller things first and as much as you can on your own before the larger professional ones you save for.

Every room will be done but the extra bedroom, why isn't it painted/decorated? well that's another improvement project that's been on hold for awhile... I need to 'diet' and keep myself occupied and active doing other projects to get myself in shape to get pregnant. We haven't been able to find any reason after 3? (I think its been 3) fertility specialist and numerous ob/gyn's. I've undergone every painful/embarrassing test, procedure and exam possible. There's nothing there but my lovely extra pounds that the doctors point to. So its, shed the pounds, keep yourself sane and active meanwhile; and pick out special baby items that you love to remind yourself not to open the fridge!!

Let's see that's - Diet, Remodel, Goal for babies... ohh and upgrading my one love - or rather getting back to it.

I LOVE shopping... what female doesn't have that inner passion to shop endlessly getting a high from all the deals.... uhh anyways... when Amber was little I started shopping Gymboree and lets just say I got addicted. So what else could I do but share my addiction with other moms! Gymbohaven was created and has been going since July 2003 - gosh I can't believe its been that long...

I want to expand on it... not with anymore brands it carries cause I got my hands full right now with that... but with making goals to go to the store and see the products in person, driving the 3.5 hrs round trip when new lines hit the outlet (my mother in law lives out there so its nice to visit when I do this), give reviews of the lines when they come out and anything else I can think of. This was my baby for a long time and I'd really like to bring it back to life. More vibrant and active than before.

lastley and more important is Mike... making Date night a reality and spending time together when he's actually home. We've managed to do this twice this month... yeah granted its not perfected by any means right now but we're getting there. lol

Our first date night was babysitter free and the house was kid free (wink wink) since Amber was sleeping over a friends house... but since it was the first time in like a year since we'd been alone with each other without an xbox, internet, tv or phone to get between us we royally screwed it up, bickered a bit and got back on track by the end of the night enjoying a good meal out. Last night we hired a babysitter and had no set schedule (which means a little driving around until ya figure it out) - after getting some boring errands done - we tried a new place out in town, had an ok conversation not involving the kid and decided together that we just wanted to go home and relax in front of our own tv instead of paying $30 bucks to go see a movie. We ended up going the whole night without arguing, disagreeing or even having an issue. I really enjoyed myself :)

So now its time to pick date night three and what we're doing... of course around Mike's schedule of traveling.

So what are you going to Revamp in your life this year? It doesn't need to be a lot or a little just something that means something to you...


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