Thursday, May 17, 2012

IVF Cycle

So we have officially started IVF. Did my lovely ultrasound and proceedures for that. A little painful but not horrible. Then I was given a list of 12 meds to take at certain times and an instruction class on shooting myself up. Yeah Mike just sat there in awe for some of them lol. Kinda funny how men have no idea what we have to go through - it was eye opening for him.

I started my provera to bring on the aweful period. It should be short though and I should have it by thursday at the latest. Then I started Metformin and shooting myself in the leg with Leuprolide. Then when AF does arrive, we add more meds (shots) daily and do bloodwork and ultrasounds. I have a calendar to go by cause otherwise Id be totally lost!! lol

So far the shots haven't been bad. The leuprolide goes in my thigh, I was so scared that I had my gf do it for me without looking. After I realized I over freaked out, I think I'll try the next one myself lol. The metformin is ok, taking it at night 500mg extended release - then each week it goes up til I'm taking 1500 total. Its supposed to help with the insulin issue with pcos and fertility - even though I'm not diabetic.

So day 1 of shots done... only a couple more weeks to go!


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