Monday, July 16, 2012

Onto our second cycle of IVF

Well we waited... we got the news we wanted. We were pregnant. But the levels were not rising enough or fast enough and then after vacation, my levels dropped significantly. And they went down to 0. I miscarried on the night of the 6th and let me just say, the nurses did not fully warn me what it would be like. I called the hospital gyno on call and she confirmed it was supposed to be this bad and that I could even come in but I just opted to stay home. Who wants people poking, prodding when your miscarrying. Not me.

Its been a little over a week and I'm starting to think it was a dream we were even pregnant. Except for the maternity clothes I got, it seems like a dream. I need to pack the clothes up just for a couple months so I don't have to look at them each day. It does hit hard when I see them. We were almost there. Further than ever before. Almost 6 weeks. I have hope we'll do great the next round.

Now to just to get the next round in order... biopsy needed, thyroid checked again. Then to bring on a period when they want it. Take a few pills ahead of time and then start the shots up a couple days before the transfer and then do the waiting game again. At least this time its not soo hard on my body. Or on my mind. That 1st round was horrible - emotionally (just shaking my head at that), physically with the shots. Oye!

So if it goes right... August 1st we start Provera to bring on AF, then start pills when I get her, then the shots around the 31st and then the transfer around Sept 4th. A whole month to go but it will go quickly. Amber starts school in August so it will be a whirlwind again in the house.

Wish us luck!!


Melissa C said...

Good luck Amy! I'll be be praying for you!

MWCrim said...

Hello Amy from the other side of your trial! I am so very sorry for your loss and sorrow. Your trial is wearisome and hard... but KEEP TRUDGING FORWARD! Alice in Wonderland asked the Cheshire Cat which way she should go. He replied, "That depends, Where do you want to get to?" She did not care where so he said "just keep walking"... I think the application is that we DO know where we want to be, and we have to point ourselves in the right direction such as you are doing. Then we have to KEEP GOING no matter how weird or how hard.

We had 7embroys... 3 IVF's (Frozen embryo transfers for round 2 and 3) and now the embryo "supply"is depleted and Praise the Lord I hold in my arms three blessed sons. They were all conceived 2-24-09 and frozen (round 1 failed, we lost 3 embryos then "accidentally" got pregnant, then miscarried... then had 2 more procedures). So Amy Hang in there! Trust the Lord to hold your baby until you get home, and keep trying for a baby to hold on the earth.

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