Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday March 10th

Even though it was a 'kidless day' from 8am - 4pm I still feel drained and ready to plop on the bed and take a nap lol Just because the kids are in school doesn't mean moms get to sit on the couch and eat bon bons all day. I wish! I don't think I've even had a dang bon bon. I've done mint girl scout cookies or lemon loaf from starbucks (if they have it in stock lol).

I subscribe to netflix and I have to admit I spent the money on a sony blue ray player that has netflix ability, its really worth the money in the end (if you get it at the outlet for half the cost!). So I spend at least 1 day a week enjoying a new movie - heck I still like being on the up and up on what movies came out and which ones were 'cool'. Today I watched Motherhood - not bad, but I don't think anyone who lives in the countryside would understand why someone would live like that lol. Single in NY City sure, but with kids and a car - you kidding me?

Anyways... After I did my motherly chores - washing the cabinets down, scrubbing cheese off the counter and washing the kitchen floor I had enough of the chemical smell to make me nauseous and wanted a break! By then Mike was home and it was over 50 degrees outside for the first time in MONTHS and he was ready... To cook out! Yes my husband put on a short sleeve shirt, open the front door and windows and went to the store and cooked chicken and steak for dinner... outside! Hey I'm all for it but when the cool breeze came through and I had to grab a hoodie to keep warm in the house LOL I didn't think it was so 'cool' plus I had to reclean the kitchen - who doesn't clean their kitchen a couple times in a day, right??

He turned the tunes up, rocked out the oldies (music from the 80's) and was jammin away outside... He actually came in and said 'When all those guys drive past us today on the way home and see me cookin' you're gonna be hearing them beeping and waving' ' they are gonna go to the store and be doing the same thing!' - I did have to hold my laughter in, he was sooo excited to be out there. He got soo riled up with his music that he broke my vase on the shelf - it either vibrated off the shelf or it just exploded cause next thing we knew we heard a popping noise and glass everwhere. hmmm new decorating idea for that spot needed now... I think that was the end of the grilling and he went to the garage to hang out with his car.

Kids took off to the park with stern warnings about the huge water puddles from the melted snow and I got peace and quiet!! This is the time I snuck in the movie... gotta time it right!

Now I'm looking at reality again... more dishes, some laundry (washed the blankets by the glass just in case anything got on them too small to see) gotta pack field trip bag for Amber tomorrow, get some cash and water bottles, watch American Idol at 8 - which includes our ritual calls to NY (my mom and sis) during the commercial breaks to talk about the people or just to catch up on stuff. Bedtime soon after, maybe for me too lol and it starts all over again with some new twists... who said motherhood wasn't Exciting and full of new things to learn!


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