Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday March 11th

SCORE!! I'm jumping in my seat still... I went to do a return at Kmart (Ambers shoes from the dance - bought same set in 2 sizes - kids always growing on me lol) and as I pulled into the parking lot I noticed that there was a CANDY store in the strip mall... I actually did 2 drive bys to make sure I wasn't dreaming it lol. Candy was the reason I was willing to drive 3 hrs round trip to Galena! Amber's bday is coming up and its a candy theme. I calmed myself down and did my little return at Kmart. Finally got the candy store and I went in thinking that it was tiny and maybe I shouldn't be so excited, cause they might not have the stuff she wants... well I held myself back from doing jumping jacks in the middle of the store cause the owner was like 'if we don't have it, I'll just order it for you' (yes my jaw hit the floor!) - so I came home with jawbreakers and warheads and ordered unicorn lollipops, rock candy, airheads and candy necklaces. All cheaper than what I would have paid online and no shipping! I can't wait to put these containers together with the candy and put the label on the front!

Of course I went to the bookstore and bought two more books for me to dive into... Fallen by Lauren Kate and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl. I got Amber two books - one on order - I so don't do mysteries by Barrie Summy and the other one by the same other is I so don't do spooky. lol love that title, its sooo Amber.

I hit up Shopko for some payless sneakers for Amber - she's been wearing them with the laces out cause they are too small and she didn't tell me til I asked her why... kids, you think they'd be outspoken if their shoes were tight and hurt to wear! *shaking head* So I picked up two pairs and we'll see which ones she likes. Ones black with blue stuff on it and more of a sneaker. The other is the canvas type with a side zipper and shoe laces - kinda quirky cool. Got her some earrings for her bday and a necklace. I wanted to find myself a new purse but there wasn't anything that caught my attention.

I couldn't leave Freeport with out going to Country Girl and checking out their cool country stuff for the house. But I've got to say prices were just out of my reach and I was upset cause if it was like $30 lower I would have bought this huge 46" shelf to go over the washer/dryer. Seems like their entire store was pushed up in price... sad to see it, cause people like me ain't gonna pay no $70 dollar for a black plain shelf no matter how cute and perfect for the space it was... sigh... another day I might find a better one.

Now I'm home, waiting for Amber to get back from Chicago for her Opera field trip. They don't get back til around 7pm and I'm a nervous nelly about the whole trip. We'll see how it went later...


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