Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glow Baby - Baby's First Journal Review - Contest!

The cutest thing arrived in the mail today!
Baby's First Journal by Glow Baby

I know when I had Amber my head was spinning - I was 20, new mom, totally unsure of what I was doing and had tons of questions for my mom. This would have been so handy to have by my side, almost like an extra hand to just note things in. I breastfed Amber for awhile and then we switched to bottles - we had to watch her intake as she wasn't getting enough at first to wet her diapers... that didn't last for long lol she was one chunky baby!

As a mom of a 13yr old and trying to get pregnant again - I know I'd need this to help me through again. Keep me on track, for others helping out - especially for dad to keep up.

When Amber was little I did have a piece of paper that I wrote on and it always seemed to get lost or I'd stick it on the fridge and it would get covered up or got lost easily in the diaper bag.

Not this! It's large enough to write in and see what you actually write lol - the hard cover won't tear off and neither will the pages inside. It's durable, large enough to be seen in a diaper bag and extremely mom friendly - to both breastfeeding and bottle fed babies!

You can see inside the details of how you can utilize it...

My thoughts immediately went to babysitter issues - this would be perfect to leave on the counter and have them fill out while I'm out and about - that way I can see what happened while I was gone.

Or detailing information that happened that day - first laugh, rolled over - and be able to go back and record it the baby book when you have time.

Even with a double sided contact page - all your numbers for baby are at your fingertips.

About Glow Baby
Founded in Toronto by Lindsay Harris, Glow Baby is dedicated to providing unique and user friendly scheduling tools for today’s busy parents. As a mother of two young daughters, Ainsley and Juliet, Lindsay quickly came to appreciate the difficulties of caring for a toddler while at the same time making sure the needs of her newborn were met.

One of the first tools Lindsay developed to help her through this difficult period was a tracking log for Juliet’s basic needs such as feeding, sleeping, diapering and bathing. The tracking enabled Lindsay to better understand Juliet’s patterns and to support a schedule that made everyone’s lives easier, while at the same time reducing stress.

Lindsay with her daughters Ainsley and Juliet

Lindsay felt very strongly that every mother, whether they were having their first child or their fourth, could use a similar tool to help them through those tough first few months. As a result Baby’s First Journal was born.

Glow Baby is continually adding new and innovative organizational tools designed to help parents at every stage of parenthood simplify their lives. Please visit again soon as we add additional products to help families in a fun and stylish way.

  • 5.5”x7.5” Journal – fits in diaper bag or purse
  • 3 months of logging pages to track baby’s feeding, diapering and sleeping
  • Log both breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Space to track vitamins, baths and special moments
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Includes a sample page for suggested use, growth log, and contacts page for important numbers
  • Coil bound to lay flat for easy use
  • Assists in developing a schedule for baby
  • Useful in the early days to ensure baby is eating enough
  • Handy for pediatrician visits
  • Helpful for babysitters
  • Made with Acid free paper with post consumer waste content
  • Printed in Canada
  • ISBN 978-0-9812572-2-8

Want it?
Think that this fits right into your mom world or know a mom-to-be that would love it or other Glow Baby products - Then we have a coupon for you to use! Get 20% off with code 'Gymbo' - expires at the end of May 2010.

Visit the GLOW BABY website to place your order now for Baby's First Journal. They are only $13.59 in USD - Be sure to use your coupon!

Want to Win One?
Visit GLOW BABY and tell me which product you'd love to have and why it would work for you, remember to post your email and name with your comment - one entry per person! Drawing will be held on 5/7/2010.

Note: Journal was supplied free of charge from Glow Baby


Jennifer said...

While the journal would be GREAT if I were expecting, it's definitly a great gift item for all the pregos around me! However, for my personal use, I would have to say that the Medicine pad is EXCELLENT!!! My youngest is allergic to eggs and has asthma. We found this out when she was 16 months. During the season changes each year, my DD has breathing treatments, allergy meds, nasal sprays, etc. all as maintenance drugs. This is awesome to have for daycare and for ourselves when we have forgotten what we've already given her! Right now, we use "word of mouth" or yellow stickies that end up anywhere but, on any countertop surface (usually under my shoe, under a table, in the garbage because the kids where "cleaning", etc.) Thanks! jr4mni@yahoo.com

Erika said...

For us, the babysitter pad would be perfect! We have 5 children ages 9mo, 2, 3, 5, and 8 so it would be wonderful to have something that the babysitter could use to keep everything straight among the chaos of watching 5 kids at once. Erika slay315@aol.com

Michelle said...

For me the Baby's First Foods would be so perfect. My older 2 both had food sensitivities and this baby has already shown milk/soy protein intolerance so introducing solids has always been challenging for us. Having a place to keep track of everything as we go through that process would be great. What a good idea to create that type of journal. Michelle (mnwwwicks@hotmail.com)

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