Thursday, April 15, 2010

VistaPrint Contest! $50 Value!!

I was just talking about school photos the other day... Amber had her fall pictures from school arrive and I couldn't figure out how many to order, sizes, packages... I opted for the CD! Why? Cause I can do what I want with them and they are archived forever... yes I'm insane and even have her christmas pictures with Santa on cd as well (well starting from the years the offered them).

I'm not a scrapbooker, hardly lol, but I'm in love with pictures. I like to remember when, see how sweet her smile was when she was little and compare it to how she sparkles now. I have pictures all over the house - down the hallways, in the entry way and even collaged by the TV lol.

I still remember getting the pageant like dress from my mom in BRIGHT gold and wondering how 'this dress' will photograph. I was so sure it was going to be a playdress and be the end of it after the session at sears. But I was surprised... as her little bare feet graced the floor and she was all dolled out in the sparkling dress... she scooted up to the carousel horse and just smiled. The photographer was thrilled with her... and its been my favorite photo session/pictures since! I think it got me hooked cause we've done several since... we've even done freebie sessions after shopping at the mall and being approached to just stop in and take a couple for a new trainee. They ended up being her easter postcards! (you can see them in the collage below - the purple top and easter eggs).

Ok so you now know I have a love of photos... but sharing them with family so far away was getting tricky. I'm sure you know what its like to be on the phone with your mom/family and say 'ok I have this one that looks like this and how many do you think you want of it and in what size... yadda yadda yadda'... yeah it doesn't work so well. My dad is tech savy - my mom not so much - but with the CD's I was able to get at the sessions I was able to upload them (Yep to Vistaprint) and have my mom see them, pick her favorites and order to her heart was content. It meant a lot to have her involved too; almost like having her right by my side.

I now do it with all our photos - the digital camera just uploads and 'Voila' she can see them immediately and pick the ones she wants.

Okay enough sappy stuff and my babbling... Wanna see our pictures??

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These days it seems we all keep our photos online. However, there’s nothing like having hard copies of your photos to share with your friends & family! Vistaprint is offering your readers an opportunity to win a personalized, 12 X 12 Photo Book. The winner can choose from hard cover, leather cover or linen cover. It includes 26 pages and a variety of layout and design options and free 14-day shipping. The value of the giveaway is over $50.

You can also join

How to enter? Go to and tell me what product you would choose for Mothers Day this year... Put your entry below with your answer and email address - One entry per person.

Want another entry? Blog about this contest and leave your blog address and email address - one entry per blog allowed.

Contest will end on April 30th - Have fun!! All thanks to Team Mom!


Nikita Puri said...

Hi, My name is Nikita and my Mom lives a couple of thousand miles away from me :(.Yes, I miss her like crazy.

I would gift her a desk calendar from that she could just put on her bedside.That calendar would have a picture for every month of my daughter(2.5 years old)wearing a handmade sweater made by her for all 12 months.Just to let her know how pretty and special they are with all the hardwork she put in knitting each one of them inspite of the pain in her neck due to spondylitis.And also to let her know no matter how much I wanted the trendy sweaters from the malls and stores when I was young, her handmade ones were always the most awesome ones.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

What lovely pics! You sound just like me, getting tons of pictures and never seem to get them out to people. Luckily, my mom lives with us, so she gets to watch my two year old daughter grow, but I souls still love to get her a bag with my baby's smiling face on it, so you coulees show her off with all the pride she feels, whenever she's not with us. Love your blog, love your site and newsletter! I hope you keep it going even if your daughter outgrows Gymboree! Jennifer Lyons lilac_

Jessica said...

Hi, My name is Jessica, I live in Washington and my Mom lives in Florida. I have 2 wonderful girls that just love their GIGI. I would gift my Mom a 8 1/2 x 11 hardcover photo album and fill it with pictures of her with the girls on her last trip to Washington.It would be perfect gift! I miss you Mom and can't wait to see you again! I am proud to call you Mom!

lilac_43 said...

Wow, just gotta say sorry for all the typos in my post! Really, I am ashamed! All I have to say for myself is that I probably had a two year old uh..'helping' me type on my touchscreen. Usually I am much more aware of my typos! Hopefully, it will not keep you from entering me into the contest, lol! I still love your newsletter and blog! Jennifer

Anonymous said...

It's gotta be a photo book. I love the 4" x 6" Photo Flip Books - a little brag book. Perfect for the shots of mom and her granddaughter.


Erika said...

I love the collage photo book. My mom (well stepmom) lives 5 states away and loves pictures but Im so terrible at having my digital pics printed. This would be great to give to her because each page could have multiple pics of her 5 grandbabies :o) Like a mini scrapbook! Adorable! Erika

Elisabeth said...

I love anything that has to do with my children's photos. has lot of great items, but for mother's day I think I would like to have the two tone deluxe tote bag. I love reusable tote bags for shopping and I would enjoy it even more with my kiddos' cute faces on it.
Thanks for your blog Amy! It's always great!
--Elisabeth Miranda

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