Friday, July 23, 2010

Combi Pod Bouncer Review

No idea what the neighbors were thinking, when this showed up at my front door. No I'm not pregnant... just another product arrived for me to try out lol. It arrived in this big red/white box direct from the company. It's a Combi Pod Bouncer - this one is the Chestnut version.

When I opened up this slim box - this is what I found and it took me three AA batteries, one screwdriver to pop the battery back off and a little pressure to put it together in 5 mins.

When its all finished and the base is securely on this is what it looks like with the removable toy bar and without the toy bar (which I've knocked off twice lol)

The back has easy controls... music - vibrate - on/off - and the i-pod connection.

The ipod even has its own little outerpocket that you can place it in and let it go - with an additional equipment pocket should you travel with it.
The Pod Bouncer uses your child's movement along with a built-in sound and vibration unit to provide comfort and enjoyment. A 3-point padded harness, slip resistant feet, 2-position recline, removable toy bar and MP3 input make for a safe and comfortable environment for your child. The rear mounted electronic control unit that allows easy access while baby is resting and a seat back storage pouch add convenience.

Dimensions: 28.25 in (l) x 20.25 in (w) x 23.5 in (h)
Product Weight: 5.89 lb
Weight capacity: 5-25 lb

Thanks to our gorgeous model... she's 16months old and 20 pounds. We don't have her buckled in but she does fit and had just a ball playing with the blocks on the toy bar. She actually loved the vibration too.

Overall I have to say its worth the money. Its has nice fabric, easily removable headrest and covering to clean. Cause you know how much babies spit up or leak out lol. The buttons are at a good location as well as the i-pod connection. I will say the back pocket is a little lower than I expected but easily accessible.

The vibration is good and steady, not too loud for little ears and I couldn't hear it unless I had my face up to the buttons turning it on and off.

The music was lame lol but aren't all lullabies... so it was sweeet to be able to pop in the tunes and have the baby listen to anything you want. I was able to adjust the volume on the i-pod easily.

The toy bar comes off easily and for a first timer using it I knocked it off twice - it stayed on after that. It bounced, was soft, sturdy and fairly equiped to handle occupying a baby with a little vibration and music.

It's neat to see how things have changed after 13yrs. Cause we got stuck with what ever crappy music was in the swing or exersaucer and had no choice to do anything but take out the batteries lol.

I give this a thumbs up on style, sturdiness, ability to have it adapt to your needs, being to clean it and assembly was a breeze.

Price ranges from 127.00 (Amazon) to 80.00 (bedbathnbeyond) - of course with a BBB coupon its only 64.00 and manageable!

Its also comes in Butternut and Jade (love jade for a girl!!) - Check out Combi online to see the other designs and more products they have available.

Note: I was sent this product for free to do the review.


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