Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gerber Baby HouseParty!!

We had our Gerber Baby HouseParty Sat and it was soo cool!!
Inside our boxes that arrived were:
Variety of product coupons
Gerber insulated lunch tote
Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ Nutrition Guide

The cereal treats were tested by all (even the 13yr old lol) and every was surprised that it was good, not too hard or squishy either.

The yogurt blends were fought over - everyone wanted to try and loved them! *The HouseParty Favorite!

The organics were a surprising treat - I've never done organic with Amber when she was growing up. It wasn't huge back then as it is now. They weren't bad - the kids seemed to like them. And its a great alternative - I know a lot of moms who have to have organic only foods.

I loved having this HouseParty - Can't wait to have more!! Keep an eye out!


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