Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 15 Of Cycle 1

I think I ovulated this week... the OPK tests are not working with me lol. But we'll see, this thursday I go for my day 21 testing and see if I did ovulate this cycle.

Small hold over as Friday I went into the ER for a ruptured internal kidney issue and small 2mm stone. Spent the night and they think the stone passed and the kidney will heal itself.

So back to my normal programming of trying to get pregnant lol. They did an ultrasound first thinking the drugs were causing issues but obviously they were not. But I did get a clear shot of my ovaries and uterus. They saw two small cysts on my right ovary... so either I had ovulated or I'm starting too. I think day15 would be late to 'start', normally by then they are ready to go. So we'll see, we're gonna have fun this week just encase :)

Can't wait for Thursday and I get a copy Monday of my ultrasound to look more closely at :)


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