Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All in one!

I'm planning a bday party, being mom and dad, traveling to visit inlaws, having my car worked on, driving a rental I hate lol (most would love!)... sigh, just want to take a breath and relax!

Amber bday is coming up on the 25th! She wants a bowling party so I've got that booked and ready to go, her invites are coming in the mail tomorrow. Meanwhile I put together her goodie bags (of course ordering everything online lol) I bought CHEAP bowling bags and they arrived today they are BEAUTIFUL! The company shipped them next day, super fast!!

I ordered them through www.bowlingshirt.com, they had a few colors but Amber fell in love with the cheetah/leopard print lol

Then to top it off I found the cutest things at www.noveltybowlingstuff.com - ready? I thought they were TDF!! Bowling Pin Sippers, in Pink!!

AND! I found mini bowling pins to put candy in... I was told I had to stop there, POUT... I want to do so much more!!

Now, I just have to get the cake ordered and get some basic plates for pizza and cake.

Our bday present to Amber is a cell phone, YES I said a cell phone... still debating... I want to get her a bigger bike lol.

Can't they stay Young forever!!


Mike's been gone again for another 2 weeks, he'll be home Friday finally but then we only get him for a week :( He leaves again the day after Amber bday and is gone for 2 more weeks but this time in TX. I can't wait for all this training to be over with. lol I'd like to see my husband just for a little bit... sigh...

Meanwhile all this is going on... My car breaks down, I had the coolant flushed and then the car overheated and anti freeze leaked all over. First thought was that the water pump went but the car dealership said it was the gasket. Whatever! As long as the extended warranty covers it! But that left me with no car, no husband to help and having to figure out how to get a rental over the holiday weekend. I finally got the dealership to give me a rental for free, don't ask how that happened, no idea myself lol... I got a 2008 trailblazer. It's too high, the seat sucks and I can't wait to get back into my non gas guzzlin, low to the ground, comfy grand am.. lets hope (knock on wood) that it works and nothing else goes wrong!

Off to deal with the non sleepy monster lol...


~Dana said...

What cute ideas!

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