Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another week has become a blur...

Schools almost out and I think the weeks are moving faster towards vacation lol.

With the warm weather I switched out Ambers closet and tried on last years clothes to see what fit. I've got a pile that needs to go - my one gf here in town needs to stop by and get it!

This past week I've done 2 parties and a couple catalog parties. Mike's been home since Friday :) and of course my house is a disaster now.

(before Mike got home and the house we clean) We had terminix come and spray since everyone else but us (knock on wood) have spider mites and we are fertilizing our lawns (which is supposed to make it worse). We put the lawn down a couple months ago in the fall and its coming in full now. So cool to see a green lawn!! We haven't had one since we moved in two years ago.

Still don't have my car - they've had it now for 2 weeks just to fix a gasket. I'm going this morning to go pick it up - and of course I got used to driving the rental trailblazer after awhile. I have no idea what's its going to be like driving my car again lol

Ambers bowling parties this weekend and I'm trying to get things together for it and of course couldn't find anything cute/bowling for plates or balloons so we went basic with a little color. We went out two days in a row to almost every party store and a couple candy places too. I had to fill the mini bowling pins and ended up with wrapped fruit flavored gum to put in it. They are bigger than I expected but still cute! We went to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cake, they put leopard around the edge and then did a bowling lane on top (we found little pins and a bowling ball to put at the end) and then did happy birthday and her name. Cute!

And while we were out I got a text from my husband saying that Amber needed cupcakes for Friday for school - ugghhh - so we added walmart to the list of stores and picked up basic ones. They of course didn't have anything for bowling and had no picks to put in the cupcakes.

Todays agenda is to get the car, clean the house, air the house out since its supposed to be in the 70's and take a nap lol.


~Dana said...

I can't for cleaned out closets and summertime... with you there!

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