Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is it Hump Day already?

The weekend and the beginning of the week flew by!

Sat my family left and Sunday Mike left for training for 2 weeks. We had Ambers school play last night - they did 'The Years of Rock' and it was cute. She got a minute with her bud where she ran off stage and then came back on at the end of a joke with the 'bumbumba' drum and tamporine finish. Cute!

Of course my camera died so no pictures - took 2 with the cell phone and uhhh that didn't work - it was all light and nothing showed. Big Bummer :(

The Diet is going good - I lost 1 more pound this past week - not horrible, not great - I did eat out alot while family was here though so that could be why. I've set goals for myself - I'm trying!!

Meanwhile I'm working on my website and another one - planning parties and enjoying the quiet while everyone is gone and Ambers at school :)


Olga said...

I am so impressed on how hard you are working, and being very public about your weight. Keep up the good work. You are inspiring me to be better.

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