Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Mike's work does special little things ever now and then and this past weekend was one of them. We were lucky enough to have good weather to enjoy it!

We went on a dinner cruise on the Mississippi - 2 hrs of sight seeing and then we hit the local casino for 2 hrs - walked out with our money and an additional $66! lol not alot but it was fun :) We stayed the night at the hotel and then drove home. Grandma came in from Wisconsin to babysit - Mike picked her up and then had to drive her home. Poor guy drove 3 hrs to wisconsin, 2 hrs to the boat and then the reverse the next day. He was exhausted.

On our way back we saw the windmill city - there's tons of them and you can get really close in one area and be right next to it on the road. We stopped and rolled down the windows - I've always wanted to know if you could hear them. There's a nearby town that wants to get them but some of the people have signs in their yards saying 'No Windmills'. I honestly only heard a soft thumping sound and it was peacefull. Now i'm not sure how I'd like a big metal arm flying in the wind near my home, what if it fell off?? lol

We've just been relaxing at home, fertilizing and seeding the new lawn. Mike got to mow it for the first time yesterday lol - its so nice and plush in the front but the backyard is AWEFUL! We are waiting another 2 weeks and then calling the company that did it. It's really bare and there's tons of weeds. Of course we can't spray the weeds since its a new lawn :(

Me with straight hair for once. I am thinking of getting it straightened permanently. So much easier to brush!!


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