Monday, May 18, 2009

Emergency room visits...

Ok now I see why my husband suggest going to Northpoint Clinic! I was in and out in a matter of minutes. I even got an xray! Why was I there? I had a mysterious bruise appear on my wrist and somehow it swelled up to a golf ball. The doctor kept asking where I got it from and that one I couldn't answer, I had no idea when it happened I just noticed it after putting Amber to bed Sunday night...

This past weekend I worked the Pec Thing Fair at Pecatonica IL at the Winnebago Fair Grounds. I was doing a booth for Uppercase Living. When I set up the tables I might have banged my wrist but that was Friday. I didn't do much else all weekend but talk and do examples for customers who entered the booth. Sunday evening I took down everything but only took down 2 small 4' tables since we could leave the rest of them up for the fairgrounds to take down. Not alot of work for me and I was done in minutes. So not really anything that I could have done to bang it on.

Here I sit with a wrap on my hand and no reason for the Hematoma that appeared. At least its not fractured or broken. But it hurts to do anything - of course its my right hand lol... which I do EVERYTHING with!


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