Wednesday, May 13, 2009

School dances....

Amber's first school dance has arrived and I'm not ready for it! We went shopping Friday for the dress with a girlfriend and after (I swear!) 80 dresses she picked 3 and we brought one back on Sunday. Here are the two she's deciding on...

The first one is the pink one is a baby doll dress with spaghetti straps and an awesome middle that has sequins!! The best part was that it was on clearance from $50 to $10... so it was a keeper lol

The second dress is the green shimmer one, it has a satin sash that ties in the back, has a straight across the front and thicker straps - Dad approved this one more lol

Amber found the cutest shoes (after trying on a dozen thin high heeled ones). She bought white shoes from payless that are white with sparkles on them.

(These shoes but in white)

Hair things to put her hair up with and a headband to put in front. I guess that's the style now, we'll see how this all goes down later.

We finished it off with earings that are cute little dangly stars. I need to get her a necklace but there's one I saw downtown that was cute and inexpensive. The total damage so far was $75 but it was worth it to see dad crying when she came out in the dresses :)


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