Friday, September 4, 2009


Some Great Ideas on displaying the Monthly Customer and Hostess (Earn them FREE with your orders!!)

Serve up some delicious treats on a Scalloped Charger that has been decorated adorably for Halloween. If you are looking for a color other than the traditional orange or black for the scariest time of year, the color purple is one that will be sure to add some fun to your d├ęcor. Worried about damaging the vinyl? Place a sheet of clear cellophane over the expression before placing food on the charger.

· “Just treats please” expression: Sugared Plum (9008)
· Scalloped Charger (300112)
· Clear cellophane (optional)

Create a fun fall display for your wall by super gluing ribbon to the back of a Square Charger. It’s a great way to uniquely display this simple, yet charming charger and expression.

· “Pumpkin patch” expression: Terra Cotta (9083)
· Square Charger (300139)
· Medallion (300113)
· Ribbon (300105)
· Super glue

Tips & Tricks: Vinyl Effects Spider Webs

Gently squeeze the bottle of Vinyl Effects and draw the straight spokes of the spider web first. Next, without squeezing the bottle at all, take the tip and drag an arched line between each of the spokes. The Vinyl Effects will be clear when it is dry to the touch, after about an hour.

· “Spooktacular” expression: Lemon Chiffon (9022)
· MDF Board—Pre-Drilled (300132)
· Metal Hooks (300133)
· Toolbox Paint—Matte Black (300148)
· Sponge Brushes (300156)
· Vinyl Effects Dimensional Accent (300155)


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