Thursday, September 10, 2009

What do kids eat when no one is looking?

It's back to school time!! And we all know what that means... bagged lunches!

We all remember swapping what mom packed in our lunch box for something tastier (and decidedly less nutritious) than snacking even more upon arriving home from school. Now there are alternatives that encourage kids to eat better -for-you foods.

Safeway and Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes have teamed up to create Eating Right Kids(tm) to bring you meals, snacks, cereals and drinks your kids will love - and you'll feel good about. Eating Right Kids is a full line of foods that are not only tasty, but better for children; It has been formulated to standards based on the most recent dietary recommendations and regulations from several federal and state agencies.

Better yet - they feature the beloved Looney Tunes - something I know every child sees and knows - My favorite is Taz!!

The product line features more than 60 items from breakfast, produce, portable meals, dairy, snacks, beverages and frozen entrees. All available at more than 1700 Safeway locations across the US and Canada.

I got a sample in the mail: Eating Right Kids - Lunch Bag, Pasta, Juice and Chewy Bar.

Now I know Amber's 12 so we brought Amaya over from next door - she's 4 yrs old and had her try it out!

Amaya's thoughts - She loved every bit of it except the cherries in the fruit bowl - but her little sister (1 yr old) loved them. (her moms thoughts - lunchbag was too cute, was surprised they made the raviolis - couldn't wait to try it and loved it afterwards )

Tips on making foods a quicker and easier solution for mom -

I make a list of items I know Amber eats and put them on a list on the fridge - I have her pick them out the night before or two days before if its the weekend. You could even make it a spinning wheel and have it be a game - where the hand lands, is what she has for lunch.

I make things finger size or portable size. The presliced apple or fruit cup, the snack size bag of pretzels, granola bar etc...

Add something fun and a twist - like the apples - send the little caramel cups for them to dip them in or a purple spoon to eat her fruit with.

I always put a napkin in that has a note from me... Hint: make a few ahead of time occording to your schedule (Mon - Love you, Tues - I know you'll be great in Dance class tonight, Friday - you'll do great on your test)

Hope this helps!!

Now for the fun part - CONTEST!! CONTEST!!
Win the same lunch you see here and try it for FREE!!

1. Join my facebook and let me know by posting below
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3. Go check out Safeway and let me know which product you like the best

Post seperate entries for each one and have fun!!


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