Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A couple toy reviews...

The season is coming and I'm already trying to find toys for my daughter, niece and nephews. We all want to be able to see toys, handle them and really play with them before the kids to see if its worth our money but 99% of the time we have to rely on others and thier experience with them. So I'm hoping this helps...

First review is of the new Zhu Zhu Pets... They are cute, adorable little creatures that give us the chance to give a pet that moves and acts like a pet with out having to feed it, bath it or take it out to potty lol. Yes the connector sets are cool - there are several to choose from and tons of accessories for grandparents to help build up their stash BUT there are a couple downfalls...

The bad points...

  1. the wheels on the pets - when they com in contact with a hand, face, HAIR the wheels start moving. Meaning hair gets caught up inside and needs to be carefully removed or CUT OUT! Not fun. AND this includes blankets, carpet edges (those fancy threads on the sides)... yeah those like to get wrapped up inside too.
  2. Everything is plastic and expensive - the Funhouse set with Hamsters is 118!! alone its 41.00 - not really sure I want a large portion of our christmas budget to go to this.
  3. I'm a lazy parent lol and just want to be entertained by our christmas gifts so when something takes 10 mins to set up each time for the kids to play with I do the normal 'sigh' and shake my head and wish I never bought it lol (Hope I'm not alone on this!)
The good points...

Beside what I mentioned before - cute, adorable, NO poop! lol they do run on their tracks and turn around in their cage, the car works well and the ball is cute for the kids to chase after when the hamsters are running inside it.

So what do I think - Thumbs up for the Kids - Thumbs down for the parents.
Take a peek for yourself (thanks to YouTube!)

My second review is for the Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Railway- I like this one, the colors are awesome, couple accessories you can purchase to add on - that are cheaply priced!, Easy to assemble for both the kids and parents, The kids are able to take the trains off the track and put them back on with out having to really align them on the track - what I love the most is the MOVABLE TRACK! if the kids bump the track (running the train into it like they all do) and it bends the track stays together and the train still runs on it - why haven't they made this before!! No more wooden non moving tracks that are hard to put together!
Comes with:
  • motorized engine train - with auto shut off! take 4 triple A batteries has on off button and master on off button!
  • Diego figure
  • two more train cars - one with a lift attachment
  • three cute animals - wolf, monkey and I lol don't know what to call the other but its cute!
  • Big mountain with a side ladder
  • 8.5 feet of track
I give this Thumbs UP all around!!


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