Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloweens of the past...

I was reading my BigCrumbs newsletter and couldn't stop giggling... they were talking about the old costumes where you had a huge mask and it had a rubber band on the back to hold it on, you know that once that night you were going to have to tie it back together and then the rest of the night when the other side of the band broke you were walking around holding it up on your face. LMAO - I turned to my husband whose two yrs older than me and asked if her remembered those. I remember being Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Bright. He remembers GI Joe and one I can't recall (bad memory lol). It was the kind you picked up by looking through a thin plastic cover on a box and all you saw was the mask inside, the plastic costume (which really wasn't all that badly made) was underneath. You wore your clothes and threw it over. I even had to wear my COAT one year underneath! (NY weather lol) I think they cost like 5.99 - 9.99 depending on the character and size.

What happened to the quality, ease and familiarity of the costume you were getting??

Now... ohhhhhh my golly gosh... last yr we took an afternoon of going to costume stores trying to find one that fit my daughter that wasn't snug, too low, cut off at the wrong places... and ended up getting it at Spirit Halloween store. It was in the womens section of Leg Avenue costumes. It was a vampire velvet completely covered costume... the killer was the price tag. I think it was $49.99. My husband died on the spot but knew we couldn't get any of the kids ones to fit her. She's not fat, she's not short, she's average! She wore it for school and the zipper broke. That night we pinned it and made it more goth looking to wear it again for trick or treating. I swore that wasn't going to happen again!

So this year, I made sure there was no hassle, no store shopping and the darn thing was going to be cheap, last the nights she needed it and still have it after wards. I'm sewing my little fingers out (actually pinning them to death right now!) making her costume from scratch. My gf asked why I didn't just spend $9.99 at walmart... I laughed and said I need it to last her Halloween Dance, TrickorTreating in WI for my MIL, Her school parade AND Halloween night here! I would have had to get a new one each night by the time we were done.

Did you know my little monster ain't so little anymore?? I had to adjust the costume already. We went to the doctors and she got weighed and measured. My mom gasped (love it) since Amber was taller than her! She's 5' 1" and 123 pounds. Not bad for almost 13. Solid little sucker... made me go up a size on the pattern lol, thankfully I hadn't cut it yet when I found out. I was going off old measurements from back to school shopping this summer.

I do wish Disney costumes were cheaper - I LOVE those and actually got Mike dressed up one year as Tigger. Now those suckers hold up and keep you warm!! Wanna See??
OK enough halloween talk... off to do some housekeeping before the real spiderwebs take over here lol


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