Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hexbug Nano Party!

Schools started and the holidays are a comin'... I love to test out products and show you first hand how it works and if its worth the money!

I was just sent a Hexbug Nano Party kit... Inside was tons of goodies!

  • 30 HEXBUG Nano test tubes,
  • 1 HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set in retail package
    • Put these industrious critters to the test by creating a customizable playground for the industrious critters to traverse through! The HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set contains two extremely rare Nano mutations that every kid will want to brag about. Also included are four easy connect curved pieces, three easy connect straight pieces, and three easy connect hexagon pieces, offering users a variety of configurations.

  • 1 HEXBUG Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set in retail package
    • Kids can create the ultimate battleground for the HEXBUG Nano with the Bridge Battle Habitat Set that comes with 29 easy connect pieces and two rare HEXBUG Nanos. What’s really cool about this maze is that kids get to battle their Nanos using this elevated multi-level platform!

  • Lots of pieces to build your own habitat!

They do require 1 AG13 button cell battery (sold in twin pack for $4.99) - Nice that its inexpensive and EASY to change out.

There are no sensors, chips or anything to go wrong on these suckers... just little rubber legs that don't move... they are the simplest of things (of course that's what kids love!)

There's an OFF and ON switch - YES!!! Moms you can turn them off and put them away :)

The Nano behaves like a real bug once you flip on the switch. Tiny vibrations send the Nano scampering over various surfaces. It even flips over by itself. It uses the physics of vibration to navigate different items in its path (avoiding items, flipping over, etc)

The Bridge Battle Habitat Set which comes out October 15th and retails for $39.99 - its the BEST VALUE!! I'm saying this cause it comes with all the things you need to have a home for the Nano's and comes with 2 Nano's lol.

The Habitat set which is already out and a step down from the bridge set retails for $29.99 and is a great set! Comes with two Nano's too!

The best part I like with the Nano is that its educational and ONLINE as well... so it doubles your money as a in person toy and an online toy. - Hexbug Nano fanatics interested in the lore of science and discovery can visit www.handandstars.com to earn points by answering science quiz questions, register their collection using the unique serial numbers included inside each test tube style package, and achieve global status and prestige in an online game that requires players to use scientific principles to build their own virtual Nano. Go to www.handandstars.com with the instructions sheet inside your Nano's case - it has a Unique Code - you can even register your Nano's and show off your collection.

When I have the party this weekend I'll post more info on how well we liked them and how long they lasted!! Keep your eyes peeled :)

Note: Thanks to MomSelect for sending this to me for free and allowing me to review them.


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