Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is it Sat already?

Wow did the first week of school go by already. There's been homework and project info sent home and OMG just way too much for a first week... can't we break the kids (parents) in gently anymore?? lol Amber has a book report due Oct 1st that needs to be almost 10 pages long... I don't even want to think about it right now.

Then there's the moving... We are going back to Iowa. Job, finances, school - all better in Iowa. SUCKS to be moving away from friends again. We've been here for 3.5 years - almost the longest of all the moves, I thought it was a permanent one. Had painted, remodeled, decorated and bought furniture to fit this house... now I need to see what fits into another and what will need to be stored. Ughh, did I say this Sucks?!

With everything going on I haven't had a moment to read/finish my books. I started Fragile Eternity and put it down (can't find the darn thing) and then picked up Linger.

Funny thing is I've been doing most of my reading at the dentists office in the waiting room - my last trip is next week - the 7th trip and I get my final two crowns. Now that will be a relief to have that finished, hate hate hate hate hate needles!!

With school starting (go through it each year, the emotional emptiness in the house), moving (that's just a rollercoaster of emotions) and my parents coming out to visit - not having seen them in 2 years - I've been a basket case. Now my body is catching up with it all and I'm dizzy, jaw clenching, upset stomach... my gf says it sounds like Vertigo, after doing some reading, def fits what I'm going through. Stress brings it on... hmmm, do ya think I've had any of that lately?? lol

I do like the fact that Mike is packing the garage and sorting stuff he hasn't seen in like 4 yrs since I packed it from the last house LMAO - he didn't realized how many wrenches he had or some odd stuff he had from his dads garage - his prize possession - a turn signal made into a screwdriver by his dad - gramps worked at Chrysler for years - he's got some ODD stuff in his collection, but Mike just grins ear to ear when he finds stuff like that. Miss dad alot...

I need to unwind, exercise, read a little... pack a box a day, is my goal... work on having some daughter and me time now that she's gone all week... Now to enjoy my Sat morning while everyone sleeps in :)


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