Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kool-Aid Fun Fizz Review

OK - I thought, right, another drop in and just mix it up trick. Amber was excited and she jumped on it the moment she saw it. I was pleasantly surprised when she did hers that it worked. It danced and fizzed and was really moving and then when it hit the top it really fizzled and you could hear it. So then came the taste test. Was it going to taste odd, flat or sweet... nope it tasted good! It was really good lol. It had a tingle to it at first cause I think I didn't wait long enough for it to really disolve (which it tells you to do lol).

I will definitely recommend trying them, it does stain though, just like real kool-aid. My finger is still red lol.

The real good video (the commercial lol)

Right now at Walgreens - if you purchase them - you will get a print out for a coupon off your next kool-aid purchase of fun fizz

Available Nationwide at grocery stores
Flavors:Partin’ Punch, Gigglin’ Grape, and Laughin Lemonade.
8 drops per bag at a retail of $1.99


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