Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas shopping... I don't think I can stop lol

Please tell me I'm done with shopping lol - I've gotten Amber the following (but I'd still like to get a Wii game since we let her put the Wii in her room now, the latest Shrek, another CD she asked about, I'm dreaming when I say I want the kinnect lol) Stop me while I'm ahead! I can't help myself around Christmas and its hard for me to back off...

My parents and us got her a 22" TV for her room

We got:
New phone and a case
WWE 2011 xbox360
Scribble DS
Phineas Ferb Again DS
Twilight Eclipse DVD
Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD
Kei$ha CD
Rhianna CD

Digital Camera
Silk Screen maker/extra ink
Foil Maker/extra ink
Jacket she wanted from WallyWorld
Two tops of Kohls
Matching jewelry for the tops


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