Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bella Sara Contest!

Bella Sara

Welcome to the World of BellaSara (

The coolness of ponies and trading cards has finally arrived. Who hasn’t heard a little girl ask for a pony! My twelve year old still asks for one lol. Amber has played everything from the stuffed My Little Ponies to the electronic Nintendo DS Ponies games over the years. BellaSara takes the cake!

BellaSara is an interactive virtual world full of horses and learning to care for them. It’s FREE and continues for hours of fun! (I have to admit I didn’t want to give it up once I began, Amber had to ‘patiently’ wait to try it out.)

It’s rated for ages 5 and up, pre-teens included! It’s easy to navigate, learn the rules of the games, find your way back to a previous screen…a plus for parents is that the music is soft to the ears!

After I register and log in, I am given a cute little box of extras for joining. Next I picked my horse and named her (Clever Cookie), then I was brought to her stable – I was able to brush her, feed her a bottle and refresh the hay… She cooed and moved the entire time. The cutest thing was when you rubbed her she cooed and hearts flew all over. I’m a sucker for the adorable stuff!

After a little nap (for my horse not me :)… I choose to play some games… their neat! I got caught up in the Magic Bubble Wand game, chasing butterflies and more, catching them in bubbles. When you run out of bubble solution the game stops, but you can always catch a special object (snail, horseshoe) and gain more solution. I like how the games retain the little ones attention – this one does it by constantly switching scenes as the game progresses! The little ones earn horseshoes as they play – the more horseshoes they collect the more they can purchase later at the Bazar…

The site is free but you have the option to purchase trading cards to find magic tickets with points on them. I have two packets – one had a 500 points card and the other 250 points card.

Plus you receive tattoos, stickers and the magic horse trading cards. A plus for parents is that there is one code per pack – the entire pack is uploaded automatically when you enter the code! So nice to have it all wrapped up in one code.

I ended up going to the Bazar and purchasing a few things with my Trading Card codes. I thought the selection was great and it teaches them how to earn and spend points.

Now BellaSara has a journal – it helps the little ones keep on task if they wanted to. It checks off easy activities and then moves on to the next entry. But they can also jump to different games and places in the BellaSara World. There’s an entire map to show them the special places to go.

Through out the entire site are tons of sayings (Be the Hero in your own story!) that are positive motivators and encouraging words that appear while playing games, in your horses stable and your own cottage. I really love that feature being built in! It encourages self esteem and reinforces what parents are saying to their girls.

In its entirety I would recommend this site in an instant to anyone with a little girl. Now here’s Your chance to win a BellaSara Prize Pack featuring Royalty, Miniatures and Treasures collections.

To enter into the drawing – Drawing held June 30th...

Just enter your name, email address and what you like about the site in the comment section.

Register and then come back and add your horses name for another entry!


Anonymous said...

I like the positive sayings (and that it has horses) Lauren

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