Thursday, June 18, 2009

Country Design But Modern...

Ok So I have to say my style is odd... I LOVE the rustic primitive style but I'm also modern with the chrome/brushed nickel look and the darker furniture. I hate oak right now and would love to get rid of every price of it that's in the house lol. But I need someone to help me design the house. You know when you walk into a store and it looks perfect. The owner just put stuff places and somehow it just fits in that spot. THAT'S what I want someone to help me with, with my stuff and help me find pieces to finish rooms off. I need one of those personal shoppers lol.

I love shopping at places like the Empty Attic in Rock City, IL or HomeElements in Pecatonica, IL. I go up to Broadhead and shop at Harvest Moon and Pinnow Pharmacy (surprisingly they have some cute stuff too!).

I will say that I'm not a lover of the sheep, cows, crows or the dolls (they kinda scare me). I am addicted to the plates, sayings, bowls, basic decor and the furniture! Ohhhhhh the furniture has my head turning lol - recently I bought a black cabinet for the liquor and glasses in the dinning room. It has tin sheets in the front of the doors and a little rustic appeal. Then I found an awesome rug cabinet that is just gorgeous - its got deep shelves and its all open. BUT it has to be 'new' (handmade) nothing old and vintage - I'm spooked by the old stuff. Stop laughing!! Just to prove to my husband I wasn't being a snob and it was really just the old stuff I brought him with me to the shops. I even took our current kitchen table and sanded it down and repainted it to save money. I couldn't live in one of those old houses even thought I would love the architecture and details of the wood.

You've seen the kitchen redo here

and the living room and entry way here

My dining room is burgundy with a little country flair (here's a picture of the whole burgundy - just bought paint to redo it with the burgundy on the bottom and the tan on top to brighten the room) - I've been wanting to get a black table/chairs and hutch set. (our last piece of oak is the dining set) As we can afford things I will find a way to replace it cheaply but nicely.

I just got a cool cieling fan off ebay from Hunter and bought some neat lights at lowes today with TONS of paint. 10 cans lol - stop laughing - HEY they had $5 off each can today so I get $50 back :) I'm doing the hallway, bathroom, laundry room, dinning room and a second coat on the kitchen - it needs it! I'm tired of doing touch ups.


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