Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Somehow I got a bug under my butt to paint our bedroom this week. I had purchased the paint in '07 lol when we moved in and haven't done it yet. I got the room ready (which was easy since we sold the dressers and there wasn't much in there anymore). I used old sheets for dropclothes and made sure I had all supplies before starting. I opened the first can - painted 3/4 of the wall and noticed the bottom of the can was all lumpy. I opened the second can and couldn't even stir it!! It was like a rock. So I strained the rest of the first can and finished the two walls I had started. Doesn't look bad at all - just have to get used to color on the walls lol.

We slept in the living room last night - I don't know how anyone does that! My neck hurt, my back hurt... the kid kept waking up. Yes Amber slept in there too since Mommy was camping out in the living room she had to too. Mike's gone for a couple days for training again so no worries with him. I was almost passing out due to the fumes and had to run over and borrow a fan from the neighbors. We slept with the windows open and the air off - it got a little hot but not unbearable.

Today I took off after dropping Amber for summer school and picked up the rest of the paint. Sherwin Williams was cool and replaced the old paint can for me for free!! So I only ended up paying for 2 gallons. I now have 3 more gallons to do the rest of the room - I didn't realize how thick it would go on and how much I needed for this tiny room lol. I think its only 13x11. Not a huge master bedroom but its big enough. Not like I sit in my bedroom to read or anything so I don't need the extra space.

Sigh... now to go get Amber from school and then return home and drag myself to the 'dungeon' and paint. lol I need that second wind to kick in so I can finish!!


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