Thursday, February 26, 2009

Redesigning without spending alot of money...

This is my goal this month - Mike says for the year lol. I want to redo the house - we've been in it 2 years this coming April and I haven't finished the bedroom/bathroom/hallway or laundryroom. So my goal is to pick one room and work on it. Not a bad idea but it always costs more than I think in the end. So my second part of the goal is not to spend money.

How do you do that? Not easily lol. I've watched alot of HGTV and spent time online looking at how they've spruced things up for little. But all I can think is that I don't have that great of a talent.

I decided to start on the bedroom. I took a peek at what I had and what I wanted. The obvious was that I had the king size bed, comforter set, full length mirror, tv, a theme in mind that I started with (ocean,lighthouse). What do I need... easier to say what I had... A bed (headboard,footboard), matching dressers and nightstands, shelves, lamps, curtains...

I've rearranged the furniture already but it seems odd now lol - I'll have to take pictures and get ideas from you!!

These are rooms I've done for our house already - chocolate/tan alternating walls, burgundy dining room, tan kitchen -

This is the Entry Way - All chocolate walls - our wedding invite is on the wall, we had a family friend custom make this as a wedding gift, and if you hadn't noticed I'm into purple and fairies but it ends there... I go country modern in the rest of the house.

This is our living room - I did alternating walls here for the chocolate and light tan walls.

Slate grey furniture and darker wood pieces go great in here. I just need recessed lighting since we have none in the cieling in here! Builders - they never put anything in (shaking head)

Of course we have the tv on the wall and the xbox rock band in the corner of the room lol

I custom made our frame over the half wall to the basement.
"Sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairy tale"

Next time I'll have to show you all 4 Amber Rooms (meaning each house we've owned we have done a room for Amber)


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