Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Phone calls galore!

Between my 'moms' having doctor appts and testing, schools review of Amber's IEP, talking to a long lost friend (who I miss terribly!!) - I think I've killed 3 of the 4 phones in the house and I've still got to call my mom back to find out how things went.

Mom 1 - My Motherinlaw has gall bladder disease - the one doctor who did the initial testing said it wasn't an emergency to have it removed - but I'm sorry she's 72 years old and I'd rather have it taken out now and not have her go through attacks and then be too sick to have it taken out later. So she has another appt tomorrow for a consult with the doc that's removing it and then will schedule it for March. So I'll probably be in Wisconsin next month - good thing I have the entire month free!

Mom 2 - My Mom has an enlarged heart and they just did an upper gi for her heart (I think that's what it was called) - to make sure there was no blockage or damage. They didn't see any and it was better than they had originally thought. So that's good, but now she's taking med for blood pressure and her diabetes.

What is it -we get past 40 and our bodies start falling off piece by piece?? I'm too young to be going through all this with my parents. We just lost my FatherinLaw in July due to cancer, my grandmother died in Jan last year - this shouldn't be happening!! I'm only 32 years old...

Now Amber's review is coming up for her IEP on Thursday and we have to decide whether or not to move her on to 7th grade and if she'll be in full classes or kept in special ed if we move her on. I can't wait to see what they say.

I did get to relax and let steam out when I talked to Donna - we grew up together (3rd grade and out of high school) and hadn't talked in 10 years... I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time. Remembering all the stupid things we did, how the heck we survived the things we did lol - but how much fun it was, the free spirit we had back then.

So miss talk almighty still needs to make more phone calls and I've only got one phone left with half a charge -yes the others are charging but they need to charge all day lol.

I hope the rest of the week goes good!!


A Classic Tale said...

Hi Amy...had to comment on your mom wit gallbladder disease. I am only in my thirties consider myself in good shape and also suffered from gallbladder disease. I had two attacks but didn't feel quite right. I had two opinions as well and just had my gallbladder removed laparoscopic last Friday. I was very nervous but the procedure went well. Incisions don't hurt at all. Just muscle pains. I know that your mom is in her 70's but it's one of the most common surgeries a surgeon does. get her gallbadder gallbladder disease diet. I ate that way for 2 months before the surgery and felt so much better. Wishing you and your family better health, Janelle said...

Hi Amy!! Several things. I had gall bladder problems and was told to wait. I had many problems and attacks. I ended up in the ER with a gangrenous gall bladder and had to had emergency surgery to remove it. They tried to scope me but my gall bladder was so infected that they stitched me up and did the full blown huge incision across my abdomen to get it out for fear if they did it the scope way that it could burst and I would have been in a world of trouble. My advice on a faulty gall bladder....GET IT OUT!! Not telling you my story to scare you, but when it doubt, take it out.
Second....I am a special education teacher so I am always interested when people talk about their children and IEP's, educational decisions, etc. Hope all works out for your and your daughter. I know there are tough decisions to make. And I am sure it is hard weighing the options. I am one who always second guesses my choices, so I can empathize with your situation. Hope all works out well with your family!!


Amy Serpe said...

Mom has her appt scheduled for March 4th to have her gall bladder out - we had to force her to do it. The doctor was just going to let her decide.

Thank you for your support!!

Hopefully all goes well - Mike's going to stay out there while she recovers.

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