Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I think my eyes are open - at least there's color in front of me and I'm making my way around the room. Hmmm pretty bright for 6:45 am... Then it hits me.... its REALLY bright. I sit straight up, look at the alarm and smack my husband - its 7:30 and we have half an hour to get the monster out, fed, dressed, teeth and hair, and not argue. Wish myself luck as I head down the hall....

It didn't go as bad as I thought - I blamed Mike so she's not taking the brunt of the morning out on me lol. We have 5 mins before we need to hop in the car and drive to school (which is down the block). It's the last min that things get hairy when she forgets a backing to her earing or a glove on the table and she goes in and out of the car while I sit in the driveway freezing my butt off while the car warms up - hmm warm today at -8 degrees!! This will be nice - at least the kids won't wait outside, they'll let them wait inside the doors.

Off I go!!!


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