Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can't Sleep

It's 4:39 am and I can't get myself back to sleep. I've normally got a rule where you lay in bed and don't get up unless ya really gotta use the potty lol. This way your forcing your body to stay and relax and you will eventually go back to sleep.

Not today. I kept waking up to loud noises - my daughter coughing, the heater turning on, house settling noises... ahhhh it was driving me batty! So I gave up and put the news on in the living room.

It's because Mike's gone for the week. He travels often for work to learn new equipment. So this time its close by and he can come home for the weekends. Next time it will be in TX and for a whole three weeks :(

I love my husband and his quirks, I've gotten used to him annoying me with being home part of the day and getting in my way of cleaning. Used to him making a mess, leaving his shoes and socks all over, his work clothes on the bed... I have nothing to pick up, nothing to clean and the beds actually made... It's an odd feeling lol

What makes it worse is that his phone service doesn't work great out where he is. He only gets text messages during the day and at night he goes in and out on the phone. Makes it hard to really carry on a conversation - plus my phone sucks lol - I have to push three times to get an 'o' and sometimes it takes me a full 5 mins to type out a message back to him, during which he's typed me two - making me go back and find the saved message and starting back up - dang phones!

Ambers doing ok - she says good night to him on the phone and gets twice as many hugs and kisses from me. Plus I try to do special things while he's away.

Last night was one of them - she's been having weeks of 2 hr homework sessions so last night, I picked her up from school and we went shopping at Home Depot with our friends next door and mommy had fun window shopping and spending our friends money lol. Then we hit target and stocked up on detergent - she was able to get anything she wanted (with in reason) and we let her loose in the toy section. She picked the new playdough ice cream parlor with a bonus package on the top.

Poor thing, we got home from shopping, ate our Culvers food, did the nightly routines and off to bed she went by 8:30! She never had a chance to even look at the playdough box again.

I did have fun though - my gf had her husband meet us at Home Depot and he had picked out the cutest front door before we even got there. It was a half moon shape on top with nice black line work through it and some little bronze squares at the top corners... Found a picture! I asked Mike if I could get one too and he said... no... pout :(

Then we hit outside lights, fencing, phones (now she won't get a beeping sound that her phones dying when we are on the phone for an hr lol)

We were pooped! But we had to go to Target for a couple things. Plus Amber really needed something with the snow coming to keep her occupied inside.

We hit the deal of the year !! I found every detergent we used was on sale - 150 ounce Tide HE was $12 (reg $19.99) and the bounce Pure Essentials fabric softner was $6 - I had to get some of this... tell you more about that later today!!

Then I found my favorite!! OK I know I'm a nerd, I'm a housewife, I'm a cleaning addict... when I fall in love with ORANGE CLOROX WIPES!! I was dancing in the aisle... literally. I haven't seen them in almost a year and I love the smell. I'm a clorox wipes addict... I admit it proudly!

So after grabbing 5 of them (1 for each bathroom, 1 for the kitchen and leftovers for stock in the closet) I was on a high. We checked out, washed our hands and were getting our coats on to head out when my gf realized we were charged the wrong price on the detergent and we went through a song and dance at customer service but it turned out great and we headed home.

Like I said, we got home late, missed American Idol and everything! Good thing we have a DVR! So my surprise is coming later this morning and my gf is coming over to hang out and possibly watch AI with me.

Hope you got to sleep in this morning!!


Allison said...
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Aubrie said...

I found clorox cleaning wipes at Costco the other day. There were 4 tubs in a package, one was fresh scent, 2 were lemon and the last was orange!

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